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Hey sports fans at sandy west. And I'm here to take you on a journey back to this week in sports history. Let's start way back in nineteen. Oh, eight where Ed Roebuck becomes the first person to pitch a double header shutout in major league baseball. Can you imagine that today? This week in nineteen forty seven baseball Commissioner happy Chandler announced his Ford and Gillette will sponsor the World Series this week in nineteen sixty two the New York Mets lose their record one hundred twentieth game as the cubs Turney triple play and beat them five to one week in nineteen seventy six Muhammed, Ali retains his heavyweight boxing championship in a close. Fifteen round decision. Over Ken Norton at Yankee Stadium this week in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine the nine thousand nine hundred four summer Olympic Games coverage in Los Angeles is sold to ABC for two hundred twenty five million dollars and this week in two thousand and four major league baseball announces the Montreal Expos will move to Washington DC in time for the two thousand five season. And they will be known as the Washington nationals. That's your iheartradio weekend. Sports time capsule later much later. We heard something we didn't breathe for listening then footsteps on the back porch. Creeping then more confident after all nobody was home. A hand closed on the knob on the screen door kitchen. Founded latched, we heard a little song sound a file began to slice through the screen wire. Grandma reached down for something in her sewing best through the darkness, I managed to notice. Grandmas rock was rocking. She wasn't in it. She was standing over me. Just behind me. She whispered I followed her across the kitchen. Now, we were by the door. I heard the scuffle of heavy feed in there on the crinkly linoleum return back to undermine. No. She struck a wooden match with her thumbnail. She touched the match to something or other hand. Then she leaned down and rolled it into the visible kitchen. Explore new worlds. Find out what happens next by reading the book a long way from Chicago by Richard pack, further Redbook ideas, visit literacy dot gov. A message from the library of congress and the Ad Council. The envelope under my sweater and sneak to the kitchen mom on the phone in the room. I didn't want to have to explain anything. I just wanted to be by myself, clutching the envelope. Type. I stepped onto the ladder at the bottom of the tree house something caught my eye above me. And I looked up light. There were fireworks display going on inside the treehouse crackling and snapping using sound spun around above my head shot up and start dancing to the popping of noise. My first stop was suspended fired run to the house to get mom trembled as I inched upward rungs quietly. I could my heart being so hard that it felt as if someone were hitting my chest a couple more steps. And then I leaned fully. I looked up and saw find out what happens next Philip officiers. Very God sister by Liz Kessler, explore new worlds and check out more cool books your local library and visit re dot gov. Brought to you by the library of congress and the Ad Council. Views that's fair. Cunningham the worst days. Twenty two.

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