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Say a gunman opened fire at a municipal building next to city hall killing eleven people and injury. At least six others, including a police officer. Police chief James severa says the gunman was killed. We're also in the process of identifying all victim so that we could make personal notification to family members. We don't yet know the conditions of those wounded in the attack it appears the search for a four year old Houston girl who disappeared may fourth is over Abbadi believed to be that of me. Davis was found today in Arkansas executive assistant Houston. Police chief Troy Finnur whoever's responsible for if it's malaria is somebody's kid. That's the most important thing that we. Remain, and keep the integrity of this case intact. Police began searching, the area after a community activists told them the man accused of doctoring the girl confessed, he disposed of her body outside the city of hope officials were the Trump administration say the president made his tariff threats against Mexico after watching a video, which reportedly showed hundreds of immigrants crossing the nation, southern border oxes, Kevin Corke at the White House. New tariffs could make deep cuts into the more than three hundred seventy billion dollars worth of exports into the US. President Trump blames the Mexican government for what he calls passive cooperation. And allowing this mass incursion, adding that constitutes an emergency and extraordinary threat to the national security economy of the United States plan prompting a Wall Street, sell-off Mexico. President Andrei ammonia over doors says his country will respond with desperation, but instead, we'll push dialogue Lopez opened the doors says, foreign affairs. Secretary Marcello rod is on his way to wash. Washington to show the president Mexico has been taking action to slow illegal immigration..

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