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Dan bailey for air force they're gonna send in durban linger for du that was all us nothing wait a minute they said in durban linger they take works from out of the box so looks like they're gonna put force now the man once again malians arrived rainy up surprise surprise in this one the referees that brought the two captains together dillon abboud is down there as his terek hammond terek hamid was the guy that national championship game that suffered that that broken ankle he came back out on the ice for the celebration had a couple of offseasons surgeries and it just getting back into the swing of things here so the two captains down there for each team talking to the referees you know sometimes we criticise atlantic hockey appreciating but after watching this tonight while we we've got a lot of these games and adult i've never seen a period like that second one j we've you talk about thirty eight to forty games a year over the course of 20 something years that's a lot of games i haven't seen anything like that one so we've got four on four right now in the pioneers win the drought i'm sorry pioneers have five so it's a five on four advantage pioneers to falcons in the penalty box one pioneer and you cycling the puck around the perimeter onto the man advantage now the senate in behind the air force net hitherto liam clair and we're going to get another penalty on air force that's a trip to that's probably a pretty good call i he didn't see it all but it looked like a pretty good call as going to the bench was the goaltender for the pioneers on the delay cough and justice gillette got their air force touched up and now john it could cope packer joins a couple of his teammates in the penalty box were air force and it's going to be a 5on3 it is wondering fulltime in the gate at third 5on3 in the game and and.

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