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And it was the funniest thing I've ever heard. And we actually in our collection. But he's talking to a group of psychologists and psychiatrists, and he says, you know, in about basically western religion and the difference between a religion in which we deify the divine or which we try and have it inhabit us and try and manifest the divine. And that was the essence of his talk. So he said at the end he says, okay, well you're all mostly doctors and professors here. So let's have a clinical experience. And I want you to pretend that I'm a patient who's come to your facility and I believe that I'm gone. And so naturally in your professional role you're going to examine me. So I invite you to examine me and ask any question that you like. And the results are absolutely hilarious. I mean, it was funny because I had a woman that worked for us at the time and I actually hired her because she wasn't in the interested in the philosophy. She was such a good person and such a great worker. She would get stuff done because I'd hired a couple of other women. They always wanted to talk about the plastic, but this woman wanted to never did. But when that talk came on in the studio, she said, oh my God, that's so great. And so all these questions about were you always got and they ask all sort of the practical questions. And then later at esslin, I was recording him one time at a talk called Buddhist endows meditations. And he kind of did a really great riff on his imitated the child asking his mommy questions. And so mommy, what did God do before he made the world? It's just really, really great. But that's him and his core. I mean, he's the curious, curious child. And he never lost that. He never lost that youthful love of knowledge..

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