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It's priced it under seventy thousand dollars interested in this large condo give me a call again you can reach me after the show for ten five three zero twenty four hundred no other property that I showed this week up another one of my favorites but I think you know that anytime I'm talking about any of my properties the one I'm talking about if I've taken them on to represent them they are a favorite of mine but this is a five bedroom home in Baltimore city it is within walking distance to Morgan state university it is on a one way street it has an in ground pool it's got front and back porches it's got a slate roof it's got new gas heat furnace it's got a green house it's got a huge patio it's got fenced in private lot it's got an out door kitchen Cabana it's lovely great barbers and even a beautiful stock Corey pine if you're thinking about living in Baltimore city at twenty nine eleven Montebello under two hundred and fifty thousand dollars you need to give me a call or you need to call your real estate agent and tell them to give me a call so we can get you and also want to tell you about a very very special town house that we had showings on over the weekend probably one of the largest town houses in the village of cross keys probably one of the most immaculate town houses and cross keys probably the most magnificent reconstruction of the interior I have seen in many places is this is a large luxurious ended group town houses it's sitting in the woods it's got a beautiful back patio that faces the woods great scenery it has a beautiful view from the patio from the living room from the dining room from your upstairs master bed ram everything in this place has been completely re done gorgeous wood floors cherry bill danza moldings pocket doors just absolutely so very very special again the address is thirty eight Belden grain that's in unit to that found in the village of cross keys and the.

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