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Main event of the evening unless you're super into didn't ello gallon ari's return to LA if so I'd love to hear from you and I'm totally not gonna critical to ridicule you especially since I can't say ridicule it is Monday Night Football it's coming up in about ten minutes here on extra sports thirteen hundred and of course it is unlike the nuggets an avalanche available widely on television Chargers chiefs of course we will see if the winning streak for teams that practice at the air airforce academy will continue my totally unbiased opinion is I hope it doesn't right our because I am I am I will don't get me wrong I am glad that you raiders fans are coming out of the woodwork here but I don't think you guys were chirping at me as much at the beginning of the season about how close Oakland is the Kansas city but you know what I'm glad I'm glad you're out I'm glad that you're feeling good about yourselves you should and I am slightly less confident today than I was yesterday or the week before that the Kansas City Chiefs are gonna beat out the raiders for the A. F. C. west title I mean there's all already a level of this season the chances of making the Superbowl for the chiefs is is next to nothing I'm gonna stick by am obviously there my team I pick them to go to the Superbowl so still stand by it but there is a feeling of they had to have gotten home field and it doesn't look like they're going to have a real shot at home field and now they have to worry about fending off the raiders raiders are good football team they're a good football team I did I did not expect how good they are and the raiders are absolutely breathing down the chief snack and if the Chargers are able to win tonight then it gets even tighter there is even more competition for the chiefs in the AFC west is this a statement game for Patrick my home I know no one's blaming him for losing to Tennessee but do we have Patrick homes statement games like games where because nobody ever bad Taksim right every and nobody should he threw for five hundred yards last week still lost every nobody's blaming Patrick homes but is there kind of a I mean this is a CV season making Bray aired season saving or breaking game for the Chargers to be sure they lose their said looks like it will be a two team race for the AFC west but should be good one anytime to AFC west teams are match up you know it's going to be an interesting game of Broncos chiefs a couple Thursdays ago ago not withstanding that is what's on tap sponsored by Hooters the official hang out for wings beer Hooters girls and the game day a couple of your thoughts before we go hi techs Irish chirping long ago Ryan yes some of you have been but I feel like there are more raider fans on my timeline in on this tax line then there was at the beginning of the season but some of you have been there since day one and I appreciate it and I am totally here for the raiders chiefs of rivalry getting re kindled here from the seven one nine I am pissed at Comcast I have missed my ABS I can't but I can't change providers Comcast is giving me a too sweet of a deal to change I listen to some of the games on the radio thank you but listening is not as good as watching Hey one of the tax until the end radio is way better than what radio is cheaper than watching we can agree on that yeah I I figured it'd be the ads fans were more angry than the nuggets fans ages eight just the culture not only with the teams but with the sports you know hockey fans have to work a little bit harder to be able to see their teams to follow their team so they're a little bit more Die Hard you know the N. B. A. fans not so much so I did figure to be mostly have faint more ads the nuggets in terms of people's frustration all levels earlier I told you about the ways to published by The New York Times of forty two potential minor league teams that could lose their major league affiliation which in many cases will cause them to go out of business and the rocky mountain vibes are on that list rocky mountain vibes are gone kinda like this guy socks in there for football as no one supports local teams I don't come look I always and I'm not talking to you guys obviously because if you're listening.

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