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All right, Andy. Let's answer some questions to kick things off this week from our listeners throughout the area. First up today is Stan. From Chapel Hill, Stan says. We're looking for an affordable starter home. Can you point me in the direction of some areas or neighborhoods? That would be a good fit for a first time home buying couple? With no kids planned for the near future. We would prefer a house and our budget is $200,000. So stand great question. You know, when you want to make sure that whenever you're buying your first home that you stay within a comfort level in a budget that meets your needs, because the last thing we want is for anyone to be house poor person right in a 200,000 price point is a great point. Our starting point, you know, for first time pyre. So if you're trying to stay in Chapel Hill, it is going to be a little bit tougher for you just to be very transparent and to educate you on the market. In Chapel Hill is Faras thie available homes that are under 200,000 price point. The only thing you're really going to find more than likely is going to be a condo, which there's nothing wrong with a condo. You know, the great thing about a condo as being a starter home is there's going to be less maintenance for you. Just because you own from the walls in. So you actually have your H away management company who is maintaining the grounds exterior, you know, And that's I would say the hardest thing about homeownership, especially for a first time home owner is wait a minute. I have to keep take care of this stuff when something breaks so a condom might be a great option. But there are some neighborhoods you know that have condos under that 200,000 mark, for example, like thinly force condos right under 200,000. That's a larger condo. It's around like 12 50 Square feet. We then have some smaller units. There's for example, Hamlin Park condos. You know they're going to be under 1000 Square feet can get those around 1 30 Mark. And then there's also Shepherd Lane, which is a well known condominium development. Those R I lived in Shepherd Lane once. I did, I did. I own it II sub. Let it an apartment there or a condo there. I think it was between my want to say that was leading into Junior year so immature, sophomoric junior years I spent I rented Ah was my first off campus like true renting on your own kind of set up and it was from when on awesome lady who had this like It was. It was a little studio her her place for a little studio. And it was so cool because you know this is 6 2007 some somewhere in that range and she had like a 65 inch TV. In this little 400 square foot studio, So I mean, it was like enormous and she had this movie library and never living the life the bed. I would just roll out of the bed literally onto the couch. So the couch was like backed up to the edge of the bed is suddenly 400 square feet. I don't remember exactly how much it may have even been lesson at one time looking at they're they're 100. So they are smaller. But the the that area that that group of condos is, they're all different. If I remember correctly, I mean, my memory may be a little fuzzy here, but that's wonderful. Yeah, it was a little tiny corner unit. It was It was awesome. I love it. I love this. Yeah, small world is actually a great spot. It's right across the street from what used to be university mall. And now I guess was university place. I call it now. But it was a great spot to be in right off of Estes Drive. So yeah, it's a good spot in Chapel Hill on affordable way to be in Chapel Hill. That's for sure. Exactly exactly. And just let you know to you know, I was mentioned only the act of homes. Now there is a possibility of finding like a detached home or a townhome. They're super Super limited, but they are out there. But if one comes on the market, it's going quick. If you're trying to stay in chapel in under 200,000, so you know it's always great to get set up on a search and our team. We can do that for you to set you up in a search. That's not only sending you active list things, but also the coming soon listings. Just so you're well aware of what's up in coming. And so we could be the first one to get out there because I mean If you miss it, even by you know, it's been on the market even a day or two. It's gone, you know, and luncheons probably with multiple offer. So yeah, There are some great opportunities for some starter homes. You know, in Chapel Hill under that 200 price point, Of course, our team would love to guide you and assist you with that. It was a really fun summer living there like that area lot, so not a bad place to start. That's for sure. Whether renting or in your case, stand looking to buy a place. That's a fun little area. They're so great question. And thank you, Stan. That's a common when Angie right people ask you all the time. Hey, here's my budget. We're kind of go. You know, where is a good spot for me to look and you're able to run those searches and kind of look must definitely talk. We have access. Remember, too. It's a confusing sometimes When people say what listings do you have? You know, And we might not even have any available listings like personally our firm in that specific area of price point. But remember, we have access to everything in the triangle am Alas, it was not just our listings. We have access to everyone's inventory. So no matter you know what you're looking for area Price point, whatever might be, we can pull that information from our MLS database here in the triangle, and we also have access to the Matrix. MLS is well, which is kind of more of the Sanford. They until for she's kind a little bit more south. We are a member of that. And Melissa's. Well, We have an agent who actively works that area. So you know, no matter where you looking at, we can help out. That's a great point. Good question. Stan and Angie thank you for mentioning Shepherd Lane and taking me down memory lane Little bit. That was fun. Paul has a question for us, Paul. So, by the way, stand great point. I shouldn't forget to mention this. Since you're looking to buy your first home. You've got to get.

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