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Was older but i looked for a young for my age o so he thought he would get the best of both worlds legal and young boyishlooking and he would do crazy thing very bizarre things like he wanted me and he knew he added i had a girlfriend who with with her parents in texas that weekend she and her uh brother and he was asking me what i was doing that weekend and i know exactly what he was talking about so i just looking in the eyes messaid marvin i've got my own circle of friends if you know what i mean and he was trying to get me to come over and he would have a copy of the daily variety city monies dashed any would asked me to reach over his shoulder and turn the pages for him like at the banoco away no aimed at trying to reach across it share andy shoulder there's no way that i couldn't make contact with him physically animals like that that went on well helpless you're an actor and you see this fifth year so you must have been to a million casting things a million produces what percentage would you see this stuff came up uh it didn't come up very often with other people so it's like less than 1 percent of the time who has a wellnoted hollywood though that i would go to other kathy calls and be sharing office is with them he ruined my chances getting on star trek the motion picture he ruined my chances on getting logan's run television series and i was in but wilkins ron kuby how do i know you had any chance anyway well i had a chance because of the people i had worked with the foreign because the talent i am a coward at actor in a voice artist and.

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