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Foundation and of course, as everyone knows, it really was to save the skeet's foundation that catapulted us into the national limelight. You might say it's true. And it's also to an investigation by the Internal Revenue Service because we can't take a joke. Oh no. You can't play around with them at all. But make the smallest little joke in the penis. I suggest that people use it as a tax deductible contribution. I guess that really they couldn't take it. They couldn't take it. I mean, I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of people they got putting it down as a contribution. Well, judging from my roles here, three. And besides, how can we do the show with these cuffs on? Well, we're trying to get Congress to enact a save the skeet's protection act. I think it's only right. I mean, it is an endangered species. Yeah, it is. We need something. We need some congressional support. All right. Let's call them up. One 803 three two 9 two 8 7. That's the number to call if you have a question about your car or about your mechanic or about his ethics or our ethics or our ethnic or anything like that. We'll talk about anything. And what is the number that one should call if one doesn't want to talk to us? I think three 5 three 6 three 5 zero area code 6 one 7. Hello, you're on car talk. This is Dave Chaplin. I'm pretty good. What's going from eagle growth? Eagle growing. I like the way you said that Dave, the way we automatically would just know where that is. Don't tell us eagle grove. That's certainly mid south, eagle grove, eagle grove. Indiana. Like, yeah, I go for that. Little father west, eagle grove, California. Where? Iowa. Iowa. Okay. That's cool. I didn't know that. No, I never heard of it. Anyway, are you near any never mind? You're an IOU ain't you nothing? You know what is near? Chicago. So what's up Dave? Well, I've got a 72 Buick skylark. And the heating went out and turned out to be the heat of control valve. Yeah. Well, it's a thermostat. It's even easier. It just drifts it out. And it was replaced. We left it for quite a while, though the heat didn't work for about a year. And then we had to replace. Iowans are a tough one, you know? And patient..

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