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Fidelity is Pat Lobe reports. The event was about schools reopening, but questions did cover a wide range of topics. The nominee began with his by now familiar criticism that President Trump has caused this fraud. Start the school year by feeling to take over 19 seriously early in the year when steps could have been taken to avoid it spread. This is a national Emerges after speaking for about 10 minutes. Mr. Biden unexpectedly said he take questions several centred on his upcoming trip to Kenosha, where the police shooting of Jacob Blake has lead to unrest. He said he hoped to bring people together to heal, contending that's not what the president has done. I believe the vast majority of the community at large writ large as well as law enforcement. I want to straighten things out, not inflame things. But this president keeps throwing gasoline on the fire. The Trump campaign responded that Biden should have but didn't call on congressional Democrats to pass $100 billion in aid to fight Cove. It the president has requested. In Wilmington, Pat Lobe can y w NewsRadio In time President Trump visited another Wilmington and swing state, North Carolina today on the 75th anniversary of the end of World War two. His remarks came in Wilmington, about its designation as the first American World War two Heritage City. Mr. Trump praised some of the veterans in the audience in particular one potato 1 97 year old gentlemen. Then he turned it into a dig of his rival Joe Biden. I promised them I would not tell that he's 97 years old. I problems. He's 100% shop is 100% shot by those 78 year old is not so sharp. Both Mr Trump and Mr Biden will commemorate the 19th anniversary of the September 11th attacks in rural Pennsylvania. We're one of the hijacked planes crashed in the fields. It's not immediately clear whether their visits to the memorial and Shanksville will overlap with each other. Whatever you scoreboard sponsored by Rosen Garden roofing schedule, you're free roof estimate at roof, nick dot com. All the fills air, leading with two out in the ninth at the Ballpark three to nothing over the Washington nationals. Jay Bruce goes opposite field for a solo shot. Phil's first baseman Neil Walker, singled to center scoring J T, Real Muto and Jane Sugar and the fourth Zack Wheeler was on the mound for six innings for the Filles after winning seven of eight. Billy's are hoping to make it eight out of nine. All they need is an out there, leading the Nationals three to nothing. At Citizens Bank Park Jam Traffic.

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