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Keep yourself in the loop of everything football under the golden state media concept's football podcasts. The latest news on and off the field be at college football ten. Sec big twelve pac. Twelve acc to the nfl with got you covered. Listen to the golden state media concepts football podcasts Thank you for tuning into the gs in see football. Podcast brought to you by the gs mc podcast network. I'm your host your guy. Dj young's back again Look first week back had it was. It was far from disappointing far from disappointing. I mean unless you know your team got upset very badly but other than that man is a football fair man. Has it been a great football weekend. I'm talking about upsets blowouts stand out performances own in some very problems for me at least look straight to because there's so much to discuss to. Where definitely gonna make sense that going to have to hear more even on my next episode so limits ought to get as much out disapp- so as possible alright so before we get started podcast. You can listen anyplace anytime anywhere. So i'd like to say good morning. Good afternoon or good evening for whichever relates to your situation or i take everybody Cows will ball myers. We'll talk a little bit. They're crazy things happening in their arm. Text moment. We did have a starting quarterback in king Hines king painting. Get injured in the first quarter so definitely had to head Zach called delta coming in takeover for the rest of the game. It was a bit Nerve wrecking i'd have to say But he did complete eighteen of thirty eight which is not a good percentage of one hundred eighty three yards and one touchdown and that one touchdown matter a lot in the fourth as the aggies were down at the have seventy three and it was my scoring going down a really were struggling to be colorado in denver and at the end of the game come out on top ten to seven so got the victory barely stike teeth Very tough game to watch the aggies dropped from number five ranked number seven one because it their struggling to because there are some stand out performances in other news texas who is ranked number fifteen also. Who have did all the things they did. This off season order to get some agreement among joining the sec. Coming in the upcoming years played. sec's zone arkansas. One of the teams that are usually the bottom of sec. Rakings and arkansas is unranked in they route. It takes forty two twenty one all right a lot of jokes throwing out a lot of welcome to the sec. Texas this is what is going to be like You know means showing that texas you know being like oh we still have to play alabama georgia in all these other teams. Yes yes you couldn't get past arkansas. Arkansas released showed you how they get down. But i also wanna give some shots arkansas. Because let's be real performances. Good they had a really good game. Okay so how pretty sure. They'll be improving more upset of the college. A game series over the weekend is that number. Twelve oregon defeated number three ohio state. Thirty five to twenty eight now. Why is this such a big deal. Both of them are ranked building a good teams. Well for starters when it comes to college football you have a very small window For playoffs when it comes to losing like there's only four spots as of right now in non times out of ten. Three of those four will be undefeated teams. One would be the one that the committee just likes a lot. More okay with one loss usually so ohio state still has some big games to go for one in too. I mean oregon just really knew how to make it happen. That offense was was getting. That offense was fast. It was focused. A got the job done The running game from verdel outstanding twenty carries one hundred sixty one yards to. Td's did great not too to take away from. Cj drought though for his thirty five or fifty. Four four hundred and eighty four yards in three touchdowns. It's a lot of things done there. But i think really the Another standout will be several receptions. One hundred forty five yards and two touchdowns from jackson smith john goose He did amazing but that game was beautiful to watch oregon defeat. Ohio state. thirty five twenty. A man And then iowa verse iowa state number ten iowa state Twenty seven to seventeen and byu unranked defeat ranked twenty one utah twenty six to seventeen and one of the craziest ones of the weekend in. I mean in a lot of books as upset as bad. But i think he's just respect in talent of what this organization has done Florida state had a pretty good week last week. Defeating notre dame in overtime but it got defeated this weekend on the last. Play miracle play from jacksonville state university. Yes yes jacksonville. State university defeats. Fsu florida state university. Twenty two seventy on a last play throw downfield beautiful to watch beautiful to see so happy for that organization deftly edibles straight down. The name. mind you. This was a situation. Where trent to transfers made this victory happened. Okay so you different. Keep in mind on how that operates as you had to transfers for some top schools. Do some research to it if you haven't seen it..

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