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That's why food for the poor steps up. That's why they come to us and say, Eric, please reach out to your listeners. We need your help. So all gifts are tax deductible. The easiest way to do it is go to metaxas talk dot com. Metaxas talk dot com. You'll see the banner there. That's our radio website metaxas talk dot com. I'm a taxis. I talk. My guests talk, metaxas talk dot com. If you go there, you'll see the banner that says help Ukraine. Now, earlier this week, my Salem colleague and friend Mike Gallagher raised, I can't believe this. Over $32,000 in donations by asking people, listening to his program, who could afford it to make a gift of a $100 knowing each $100 gift will pay for 400 meals for kids and families who are refugees in Ukraine. A $100 will pay for four hundred meals. That's how efficient food for the poor is. So I realized not everybody can afford a $100. But if you can, I need your help. I would like to challenge Mike Gallagher's astonishing accomplishment, you have to go to metaxas talk dot com. You will see the banner, I will also give you the phone number in case you prefer it, but anybody can give a $100. I'm just telling you, let's do it today. Please 8 four four 8 6 three hope. 8, four, four, 8, 6, three hope. 8 four four 8 6 three hope or make it easy on yourself, go to metaxas talk dot com..

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