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Forecast this afternoon partly sunny warm in humid with a high of eighty nine tonight partly cloudy in humid with a low of sixty eight tomorrow partly sunny warm inhuman again and again a high of eighty nine i thought it was supposed to be fall non summer next news and thirty minutes i'm chris ingram newsradio one two point nine karn expressed my other host on this program eagerly awaited by hungary and id nation is expressed by the host on this program documented to be almost always right ninety nine point eight percent of the time great to have you here and a heartfelt thanks mark stein sitting in on friday head to depart for the funeral of beloved and and limbaugh in missouri and i really cannot thank mark for the for the very nice things that he had to say i truly a whole family whether it was commenting on it friday night and into the day on saturday so mark thank you again very much here's the telephone number if you want to be on the program eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two and the email address elrushbo eib net dot us okay i have two i wanna i wanna share with your first the way all of this affected me it gives in many ways i think that i am fairly typical i am smack them in the middle of the targeted marketing the nfl does to acquire and hold an audience right smack dab in the middle of it and i have to tell you i have never i was so sad sunday morning when all of this started falling out i was not said after friday night when the president made his comments and i had no doubt afterward what.

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