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Being here triple eight nine hundred thirty two ninety thirty three ninetythree three doing so many different phone numbers week i can't keep track but we're also available at pat unleashed on twitter the call tweets so left us want to ban plastic products and decrease water usage so you can't use plastic forks but you also can't wash forks a restaurant's going to have to go with spit shining from now on quite possibly dm the only floating island in the pacific ocean is warm and we can't lend there or it may tip over and hip size big tipper carry melania cates birds about as much as pat hates tom celik thank you big tipper for yes yeah what about that oh thank you you're not denying it are you that you hate as much as kerry hates birds yes oh wait yes i so okay sorry big story on bondo this week he's trying to try to save the un and the eu and nato all these world government organizations that i'm very much not fond of he warned this last monday that the un and other international institutions like the eu and nato are under threat he didn't mention donald trump name but it's pretty clear that that's who he has in mind here and he says nations must work together to ensure their continued existence the dublinborn you to singer and activist gave a sobering speech to several hundred u n diplomats and staff and an event launching ireland's candidacy for a seat on the powerful security council in twenty twenty one and twenty twenty two by saying you can count on ireland to do its part in that work it's great so we can count on ireland to support one world government love that that's nike bottom you know and it just as you start to get really irritated with bano you think we'll wait a minute though i mean we see this doesn't disqualify everything else he is said i'm going to continue to like him because of things like this that has become and you've been so generous to really right yeah edge right now the need imperative also country nate you we all that nothing.

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