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That kinda turns away a lot of god's people ought to be perfectly honest he calls it biblical justice. It it comes directly out of the bible. It comes directly out of the bible. So whatever term you want to use for god gives us an edict to take care of his people and if they're oppressed if they're poor if it's the widow if it's the foulest all we're required to take care of those things and in our current society they look a little different or a lot different than they did back then so we can't look at it as we only do this for this little part. We've grown we've developed as a world in so we have to begin to look at it from that perspective. What are the needs of the poor. What are the needs of the oppressed and we as a church. We see them but we think oh. My job is just to help people get saved. Okay after they get saved then what if we don't help help them to grow. And to thrive viggo right back out into the world. And then what have you done. That's right that's exactly right so that leads into the next. The next question is what can christian women do in an effort to help. Churches begin to realize that we need to be about our father's business in that is part of that is social justice. Right it is. It is in so from the very onset. There has to be dialogue. There has to be conversation and unfortunately it's been taboo. It's been taboo in in society at large in. It's been taboo in the churches as well. We're supposed to be the model. So the love of crisis in me. So i should be able to have a conversation with you in love and if we can do that then we can begin to see things from each other's perspective so instead of avoiding it we have the conversation and we talk about it because if we look at it.

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