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Mm hmm. Oh! TOPIX, swearing. Garvey needed an order. Hit that ball. That's okay. Bad time of the sort of should've started. Scarface, not Al Pacino. Cricket player. Bounce it up there. Freaking player. Uh huh. That's too good. That's great. I love that Garvey was like the all American kid. You know it is. It is rips it because he needed in order hit that book. Oh, that is so good. So I looked this up. Uh, just because, uh, Tim and I, uh During the break we're talking about. We're talking about May Major league baseball managers and ones you Ones. You could get one she couldn't get. There's a lot we couldn't get. Let me ask you this on to give you a couple and see. See if you get even get one, Maybe two end of these five. Baltimore Orioles. I know this one. Go ahead. Uh, no, no, I know his name. Trey Hillman. No, it is not. Um uh, her weaver. No, it's not all we were. Oh, I know estate. I know his name. Can we come back to me? Oh, I know his name. Maybe come back. No. Any kind of food. He was the first base coach for the Cubs. When then was Len cicada? Uh oh. I'm blanking on his name. Oh, but I know his name. So come back to me that failed. Sorry. Jeopardy. Jaded. Don't I know it was a tough one? It's a tough one. I get literally. No, his parents east from Santa Rosa, and I'm blanking on his name for God. So they're not gonna be happy. A Brendan hide Look atyou you find high pulled Berry and Lucy hide of Santa Rosa, California and his sister Lindsay, My deepest apologies. I know the guy and I blanked out his name for what? Half a minute. Jesus Christ, Brenda, Hide very well that, uh In nice apology of the family as well. Uh, try the rain. Try the Rangers again. Banister was incorrect Group. It's not banister. Nope. Uh oh. Sorry. Oh, no, It's the guy from Seattle. What's his name? There was a down In Seattle, Seattle Little infielder from Seattle. I forget his name. Uh, sorry. I will come to me. Chris Woodward. That's it. That's it. We're Chris Woodward. Do you guys want to try your hand at the Blue Jays? Nope. Yeah. Blue Jays manager in is, uh, Blue Jays manager Is Montana know very close. Uh, don't even panel Yeah, No, it's like something like that. Take Montana or very close. I'm Jonno Montoya Montoya know Tom Jonno Anything? It's a pizza like a frozen pizza. Montoya Montoya care you go, Turley, Mon toile. Charlie Montoya. Here you go. Nobody is chanting Montoya, Get out of here! Something happens of the Coliseum. I guarantee you anybody want to try their hand at the Pirates? No. You know, you know this way Brutal. I know it's not Clint Hurdle It is. Yeah, I could tell you who it's not before. I could tell you who it is. This one. I wouldn't did that Make most of these guys. Uh, I'd go. Oh, yeah, I forgot about him, but Oh, yeah, This is not a Oh, yeah guy and all. Never heard of this guy Derek Shelton. Eric Shelton yet damn. No. Don't know him. Can't say that to do. I could show you guys some relation, Alani. Or Blake. Do you guys sort of the Indians now that they've jettisoned some payroll, they have a lower payroll than the Pirates. Do they really hear the Indians only have three guys who make over a million dollars. They were just in the world, Syriza and they after Litton Indoor and who's that Carrusca, shipping him off to the Mets. They have a lower payroll than the Pittsburgh Pirates. That's dampers. If they didn't. They didn't let the Indian go The end it was and let them go get them out. It's like you have to make bad for you to be associated with me. It's bad for me to be a station. Thank you. E could be bad in my own place is care if that was the complaint Cat. It is crazy Name for those either wondering why we're kind of going over managers of today. We're talking about managers of the seventies because we're talking about the passing of time. Lasorda. At the age of 93. How it is a different era of managers like they all had personalities. They were all not all but a lot of them were the face of the franchise, and there were the face of the franchise for years and years. You knew who they were, and you som come out of the dugout, and they just they were part of the fabric of the game and in today's baseball These guys are not part of the fabric of the game. It's a few of them out there that we know, but that's a dying breed in 45 years. Who knows? What it'll be like I mean, I was shocked to see Tony LaRussa come back and and manage. The White Sox says he was one of those guys who's kind of yes, a little bit after That era, although he was in that Arab but he was a guy that you knew, and he had some personality. But I'm talking about the real big personalities and time in the sort of Was certainly one of those guys. But it is a Is a different man. Look, it's a different here in all sports. I mean, those NFL clips that we get. Of the coaches. The best ones are all the seventies like 60 seventies and eighties. I mean, although those air now it's like And how do you get? I mean every Gruden pretty funny, but I haven't seen him miked up in a while. But boy You watch those old cooler. They're hilarious. Okay. Vic Schramm was like super Super funny. Hey, just had a bunch of guys. Even Lombardi was pretty funny when they headed Mike death, but some.

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