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He is still in the game. He's working with pat. Kelly who trains in who knows where somewhere in galway in a secretive island in a bunker who knows but he is working with him and amy lynam who continues to be one of the great ambassadors for our sport on social media was making the point on twitter thus she was disgusted that this guy was banned from being a trainer for four years yet could take up a job with pat kelly and be his travelling head lad and move horses. That were with him to pat kelly. I don't know why you'd want anything to be associated with them. That is my opinion. My opinion is. I don't know why you'd want to be associated with them. The opinion of the ihop is to give them a four year ban and then because of technicality reduced by six months but that is not over because there is now another incident. Where is the authorized representative. I'm traveling headland. He was involved in an incident on the eighteenth of july where. He's alleged to have interfered. And this is alleged to interfered with a post reassembling off stormy horse that he previously trained. It was the eleven year. Olds i start for about kelly. He finished third the veterinary assistant on the day was a female kief. And she stated that man was insisting that she turned the tumbler used to collect urine sample upside down to prove that there was nothing in his prior to the sample being taken mean. That's some tinfoil hatchet right there the job or so to get you. They're going to put a dope sampling. That has been referred to tennessee john. Who's the chief executive of the ihop. Put there's no date for that case yet so this guy still in the game. I don't think he'll ever be a trainer again. Lucy because what will happen in three and a half years time now is he will have to apply for the license and there is no world in which the j. p. there's no world in which the ihop go. Yes we see. You was a fit and proper person to be in command of resources. But i'm amazed that he wasn't kicked out of the game. Two thousand eight. It's yeah it's terrible on. That isn't like you say very surprising He probably won't get License again especially after that incident where he's supposedly tampered with a urine samples Be anywhere near In my opinion. I think as you say they've again. They've been very lenient. They've allowed him to carry on with union history. I think there's plenty of jobs. He could find and source elsewhere and so he shouldn't be allowed anywhere near racehorses in my opinion or was he no warnow. This is something that the sorry the i hate. pout against radiation. I think lenient To allow him. I think they want to ruin his life that that was the thing worse than it. But i think it's it's just it's just terrible prospects a chance to work in industry and he does not fight again so they do pretty pretty city the ihop. They're really do. And i think that you know. Dennis you can try and spend that in any way he wants. But that's the reality of it. You do quite silly at the end of all this because you had an opportunity to throw a guy back in two thousand and eight. You didn't take it. You then had another opportunity after eleven. Horses are neglected to completely throw them those and you again haven't taken that shot. Why why haven't you done that a now. We're in an incident where again he has to go before. The i know that aren't disciplinary panel. And is that going to be the the time where the i finally go. You're gone you can't work with kelly. We don't care we don't care about this we don't give it down. This is about the integrity of racing. It's about the welfare of resources where we are. The nation of horses right. Ireland is on a global scale for success in horse racing. But if you google ireland horse racing right now. You're seeing the gordon elliott story. You're seeing charles burns just about to return from his band. In fact he's able to make entries today on. You're seeing the steverman story and instead we should be celebrating. The likes of aidan. O'brien and the likes of willie mullins and henry bromhead and rachel black more. And davey russell's making his comeback. You've got Jessica harrington you have all of these incredibly talented no meet all these incredibly talented trainers dunnock. O'brien joseph obviously as well Who have succeeded. On the world stage breeders colored abdullah god rest and check on maktoum having stopped firms in ireland. Because they know they went. You have to start from ireland because the the soil in ireland is so good. The nutrients and honored are so good. You have to breed horses there. That is the place to do it in vincent. O'brien knew that jon magner knew that they built an empire out of it and yes. There still farms in america and australia. But that's a commercial thing. Their headquarters ireland in bolger's well he's done for retracing great show. Dermot weld yet carry on. But we're we're not that's that's not the the conversation at the moment and it's not because we don't want it to be. It's because of this nonsense. So let's get back to celebrating the likes of rachel blackmore and Or she murphy and other great characters and eradicate people like this from the game. Sorry there's there's no defense for that a horse as her own.

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