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Ideas that I have I so Tyrian snow maybe grey worm kills Johnson. No, no shot. No shot. Why shot? He's not even a speaking character in the books, they wouldn't waste John win die from him. It would be unless John allows himself to die from him. Again. I think it has to be a noble death face to give it to the face. So that he can get closer. Maybe John's no kills grey worm. And then are you puts on that face to get close to Danny sushi can stick with the needle, George or Marsha the story. It's a gray finish. I think what makes it more tragic is it that John? Hasta live in like rule because he doesn't want to do that. I think that's almost like the more Shakespearean tragedy ending if he died. He would be happier. That makes sense. I don't think John dies. I think yet. I think the show ends legitimately. I think are now has turned around. She's back to now she's gonna track down Gandhari, and they will live happily ever after I think has to come back into it. But I don't think it's with Ari. I don't know what it is do does Sondra have to marry him. Because now he has a claim because he's a Barath, Ian. And now we've made him a Lord. So does she do the smart thing about like combining houses, and it's a loveless marriage power play. And we're going to bring everybody together and individually, if king's landing is still has thrown I don't think it'll be a throne. Yeah. I think the dragon has to physically torch, the throne burned to the ground. I think they'll be there won't be seven king. And then fat Sam is tasked by his pal. John you have to rewrite where racing human history, and we're starting fresh the whole thing is over. There's no more seven kingdoms. There's no more of this jive of this this. These wars are are going to be the end of us all they nearly worse. Sam rewrite human history, Roy Jones name. Oh, my and then that's the end. Do you think of John snow would have shared a bed with Danny that none of this would have happened would have helped? She wouldn't have gone crazy. Think about that only Caesar as a Queen. It would have definitely helped. Although I think that once various committed trees in and Tyrian kinda cross there. I think she was pretty much outta rand anyway. Jon snow does that the same weekend that Elissa Milano makes her proclamation? Maybe he's team Milano who knows? But like I that has been only. Was this show has been to have her go crazy because she's ultimately scorned by a lover like that's kind of annoying. Well, I think it's more to do with the tar Garin family. Not like, they're always just a crazy kind of family like they even have a separate books. Really a book written just about that family because they're always the this crazy fan they have for the last straw IX just about look, right? Like, if it's the whole the whole thing has been so almost consciously.

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