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The end you got the creation of the. Us led capitalist system which is not what people in the Third World. Thought was going to happen. When I met the people that were involved in the Third World Fifties and sixties elderly Indonesians or elderly people from other parts of Asia. They really thought that they would be taking their place on the world stage alongside the rich white countries colonisation over so we will have our own saying we will catch up to now. That didn't happen. I'm not saying that the reason that didn't happen is because of these interventions and because of the mass murder that. Us allies carried out. But I do think it has to be part of the story. One four point two Vincent in that is you know. This was the height of the Cold War. It seems that through all of this The Soviet Union which was the other major power at the time seemed impotent Especially if we look at Indonesia and Brazil Why do you think the Soviet Union did not oppose the United States? Move vigorously wanted was going about this. I don't think that they were necessarily impotent. In nor do I think that they were less willing to violate rights. I think they had strategic delineations. So of course in the parts of the essential in eastern Europe that were conquered by the Red Army and the end of World War. Two the Soviet Union insisted on absolute control in places like Latin America. Often Soviet leaders understood that that was the the backyard of the United States and they didn't want to provoke them so at many points in the Cold War the official line coming from Moscow depending on where you were which kind of a Communist Party you were in the world so Chilean Brazilian examples. What the Kremlin was telling? You was no just be a moderate participant in social. Democracy is our strategic goals. Do not align with any kind of provocation of Moscow at the time now of course in other parts of the world closer to home this was very damaging they did not see it as in their best interest to be everywhere especially when it could provoke reactions in the United States venture. Thanks so much for joining US thank you. That was all conversation with Vincent. Bevan's journalist and author of the Jakarta method Washington's anticommunist say and the mass murder program that shaped all world. If you have a question or comment about today's episode. Please send us an email at podcast at CGT. In America Dot Com. And as always if you like of call spread the word by subscribing rating relieving comment with your favorite podcast provided the heat is produced by CGT. In America I executive producers a tariff h the senior producer. John Gilmore Joshua Bala produced today's podcast guest producers and al-shabaab and our director of digital development is Michael Sugary. Once again. I'm on ninety. Thanks for.

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