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Reagan red Bank to Reagan, and you've got a wreck on Coleraine at Compton, Jason Erhard on NewsRadio seven hundred wwl, w this report is sponsored by Kroger. Fresh food, low prices ladies forecast from the train heating and cooling weather center on NewsRadio seven hundred wwl. Sunshine early today. Clouds roll in later this afternoon. Could see some scattered showers and storms as after noon, and evening with a high of seventy six cloudy tonight with a chance for rain, your low down to fifty eight overcast and cooler for your Thursday. Could see some spotty showers and a high of sixty seven right now. Fifty six degrees, this news a service of inspiresleep dot com. Another shooting in Cincinnati overnight, this time in the east end police say a man was shot during a robbery attempt on riverside drive near Saint rose church. The victim is in serious, but stable condition and is expected to be okay. No word on any suspects. You can help police call crime stoppers at three thirty forty Cincinnati police officer will receive backpay after an arbitrator ruled he did not use excessive force when he taste and eleven year old girl. The independent arbitrator ruled yesterday that officer, Kevin Brown followed policies when he pays the girl during a shoplifting arrest last year Brown was suspended for seven days without pay after the incident at the spring grove. Kroger after hearing emotional testimony yesterday. The house will vote today to provide more assistance to the victims of nine eleven. Vote today on funding. The nine eleven victims compensation fund an emotional Jon Stewart implored congress to provide funding for first responders be on twenty twenty they did their jobs with courage, grace to nasty humility. Eighteen years later, do yours find his pay out claims to twenty two thousand victims, but according to the World Trade Center, health program, there are roughly ninety thousand who could be eligible on Zak, ABC news Washington moaner Dame, graduate, rose Lavelle making her presence known in her first women's World Cup. She scored two goals yesterday in team, USA's thirteen nothing route of Thailand at those thirteen goal scored by the USA women said it World Cup record a reds update. It was the Indians over the reds last night to one an extra innings. Same teams this afternoon out in Cleveland, Anthony. Diesel fought. He gets the star for Cincinnati. Brigade coverage gets underway at twelve ten a chance of rain today the forecast that. They come from every corner of the beltway fierce warriors of house advertising, each one of them using knowledge and skills to fight for their spot. In the I heart media accounting -secutive empire. Some will stand some will fall and some will present an RFP if your fierce warrior ready for your next challenge, go to come rock with us, d dot com. That's come rock with us, d c dot com. At bluecross blueshield, our companies take what we learned from covering one in three Americans to make health care, work better from pinpointing hotspots for asthma, and taking action to keep kids in school to matching patients with the primary care doctors. They need we use our unmatched data and unique insights.

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