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Well none that of course to impact. It was beautiful weekend. Ads of ports to the reservoir built shoutout to my doc to peer group and beautiful sunrise this morning. Courtesy of channel. Nine's a horse to cam but as we're all just itching to get out and enjoy all the beauty that colorado has to offer particularly for us boating enthusiasts. Well things are getting pretty darn a busy at horse tooth and as a result you're seeing a number and increasing number paddle borders kayakers canoeists and of course boaters at worst to and you've had officials Taking action to increase the safety level aah horse to data eight now thirteen ten. Kfi thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collisions specialists studios also had the pleasure of Chatting with marc coughlin. He is horse tooth. Reservoir district manager joins us this morning. Hey mark good morning. good morning gail. Thanks for having me on you. Bet thanks so much for taking the time. So let's take a look back before we talk about really the novel approach that you and other officials have taken to enhance safety at horse tooth but we pretty much saw record breaking year in twenty twenty. As far as usage of the reservoir right we have an average year horse heath reservoir just a contact tears the third vicious reservoir in the state of colorado chaffee number two public number one on average between horse teeth reservoir and horse teeth mountain park. We see about one point. Seven million visitors a year and with kobe last year. In two thousand twenty we saw about a twenty five percent increase in visitation Which you can imagine the strain that puts on visitors the resources and everybody's patient so we we saw huge increase Then just not only here in lamoure county but all along the front range around colorado really around the country installed about the same increasing numbers of visitors and adding to that was the fact was it. Stanley lake was closed last year. I believe so. You know some agencies smaller couldn't handle the Capacity of coming to shut down so we saw that in a few locations. But you have taken as i said earlier. A novel approach because you know Being a tale of th- reservoir up there quite frequently and unfortunately there's a number of factors that contribute to the overall safe enjoyment of horse to thing you talked about that twenty five percent increase. But it's not only votes There's an a number of ways we can recreate on paddle boards and kayaks canoes. And so you've taken some steps and you alluded to that when we have this Compensation last year that you were looking at ways to perhaps Keep those groups apart so to enhance their safe. Use of horse to it over the last probably five to six years. We've seen a huge increase in around the country and paddle craft and stand up paddle boards probably the largest growing recreational use paddle craft Section you know so when you go out on a reservoir horsey carter. Laker boy lake anywhere in this area. And see a drastic increase in powder borders. And you know we were came to a point where we had to have a little bit of separation use in create some zones just force paddle craft only in the way we we did that..

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