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Due to your holiday events from the idol Diarmada group twenty four hour traffic center I'm tia Graham WWJ newsradio nine fifty thank you tia will see an overnight low of twenty degrees under partly cloudy skies that according to accu weather forecaster Carl Ericson mostly cloudy on Sunday breezy or in milder in the afternoon high forty eight we'll see a high of fifty two on Monday but back down to thirty five on Tuesday in frigid on Wednesday high only of twenty four twenty Macomb township right now thirty three in west land thirty two in downtown Detroit crime stoppers need your help this is dandy Borodino of crime stoppers of Michigan inviting you to join us as we continue our efforts in crime prevention and assisting crime victims their families in over two hundred law enforcement agencies please visit our website one eight hundred speak UP dot org and join our new five dollars a month speak up club for a small amount each month we can continue to make southeast Michigan a safe and healthy region from all of those who seek our help thank you for your support the latest breaking news in your car or in the office download the radio dot com in favorite W. W. J. live and local number one news station radio nine fifty WGN federal investigators looking into possible online posts critical of the United States the main at Saudi pilot who went on a deadly rampage the naval base in Florida CBS news has a live report next United States and.

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