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The of higher to advertising agencies to try to come up with a new name obviously be winds through knee and has become toxic the future of the wind scheme company just ahead blas in las vegas the recovery continues sand stories of heroism start to emerge also a constitutional crisis in kenya and the macarthur genius the route will need an anthropologist who shines a light on the human toll of us immigration policy after news headlines live from npr news in washington i'm jack spear what are being called among the most destructive wildfires in california history are now blame for at least twenty one deaths and the destruction of thousands of homes and businesses cal fire officials say eight thousand and firefighters are now focused on protecting lives and property as they battle nearly two dozen fires in northern california alone berry bearman as a deputy incident commander we are expecting some extreme fire behavior and growth of our incidence currently and that is going to lead us to challenges hot dry winds of fanned flames in recent days causing the firestorm race quickly across a large area forty say hundreds of people are unaccounted for in california wine country though officials think many of those people will eventually turn up president trump is lashing out at the news media again after nbc news published a story he's disputing is npr's temer keith explains he directed his ire of the networks both on twitter and remarks the oval office nbc news reported that president trump told aides in a national security meeting that he wanted to increase the us nuclear arsenal tenfold president trump hit back with a statement on twitter calling it pure fiction and posing the question quote with all the fake news coming out of nbc in the networks at what point is it appropriate to challenge their licences the fcc does not licensed television networks in the oval office trump added this that's frankly disgusted away the press is able to write whatever they want to write and people should look into it later walking to marine one the president didn't respond to questions report order shouted about the first amendment temer keith npr news the white house just days before the president's expected to make a critical decision on the iran nuclear deal a key republican lawmaker says it should be better enforced but that doesn't mean pulling out as npr's michele komen reports.

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