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Mid nineties. The heated Dex could approach 184. Right now it's all here. It's 87 at midway, 81 degrees at Chicago's lakefront Chicago health director Allison are would, he says, We're in pretty good spots right now, she says. The number of new cases per day has flattened, but it's had a workable levels. She talked with W jeans John Williams this morning. United Airlines is up to 45% of US non management workers, or about 36,000 people will be notified today of potential layoffs. The airline isn't saying how many of those workers will actually lose their jobs and Luke it Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Venom in the national Security aide who played a key role in President Trump's impeachment case, has announced his retirement from the Army. In a statement from his lawyer, He says he's leaving the army after more than 21 years after it had been made clear that his future within the institution he served will forever be limited. Your money on W G. N The Dow Jones industrial Average is up 56 points, the NASDAQ up 94 the S and P 500. Up. 10. I'm Steve Bertrand on Chicago's very own 7 20 W. G. N Dr. Allison, Our buddy, who you mentioned in your newscast just a moment ago told us that the incidents of covert 19 in Chicago is highest among 18 to 29 year olds. Still just processing that fact. While we all know that the older you are, the more likely you are to be hospitalized or succumb to Cove in 19 If you're in the 18 to 29 year old age bracket, probably just because of behavior. You're more likely to get it. That is your going out more. John is that younger age group the people who were demonstrating my observation is yes. If you ask me what the median age was of the demonstrations that I saw after George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, I would say 28. 32 somewhere around there. I mean, there were big gatherings. They're all descriptions that doctor, I would. He didn't seem to say that there was a new development correct. Now that you mention it. Yeah, and I don't know if maybe it is, but we've been hearing it. That more people are testing younger in other states as well on Don't I didn't quite get whether that's because of new testing or because they're just getting it more now than they were. I'm sorry. What's your question? Well, so in other states they've talked about a California think is one where the test the median age or in Florida. Is really much younger, and I think that's probably because of behavior. I don't know if it's a new development here, she said. It was getting recalled that she did say it was getting a little bit younger. By the way, this texture said Hi, John. Here is some random information for you. My friend works in the co vid Call center at Rush. There's an interesting phone to answer. It's a triage center, where the general public and call and speak to an RN to be evaluated to see if you should get a covert test last week, the phone's got very busy, and it was mainly twentysomethings calling to be tested. This was very different from previous weeks. There you go. We called this texture back. Hi, guys enjoy the conversation. But here's one with someone who works in an upper end Steakhouse. I'm here to tell you social distancing is on our mind at all times. So for all you folks who are.

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