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Seems to be getting a little bit warmer we can debate about how much a lukewarm but i i think there's some warming i don't know whether it's catastrophic but i'm worried about a little bit i think because you should always worry about the the downside risk that's could be catastrophic i learned that from now some tala commonsense and and so that's just a beautiful thing that we could recreate that use that same process to get the carbon that's in the her now back into the ground is kind of a cool thing the economics of it of course and by that i mean not the financial part but the big picture economics is this does strike me as a my favorite hayek quote the curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design so part of this your articles this really crazy idea that somehow we're going to reengineer the soil to solve this other problem got over here and we don't really understand the whole thing really that well there's we get glimpses of what's going on we run this one study wendy silvers done it looks courage ing this greg able reduction in carbon but we don't know if it's gonna scale we don't know what the other facts are we don't know if i spread compos it really wide range across all kinds of different terrains what could happen about them line is urged people to start thinking about one way to fight global warming and climate change is to change farming rather than say cars.

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