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Twenty twenty things are going to happen here and we're ending the year on a very high note with the Carden Melvin the MSG card December fourteenth and then. I think interesting things are to come in the early portion of twenty twenty. We're even talking about the trophies coming back all very exciting. What's not exciting. We're off next week rob because Russia. I tried to fight a corporate. Jake said he wanted a day off so I respect that we got to honor the New Year but we'll be back in two weeks time and that will be right after the Melbourne show but you'll hear from me. I'll do the bad guy on Wednesday and the mayor reporters and even the radio show before two forty-three. Just this particular show off for a couple of weeks but don't worry you'll still see a lot of me and you'll still probably leave very sick of me by the time we return in two weeks all right. We're at a time. What a fun show. This has been what a memorable show great way to go into the bye week so to speak. It reminds me of the buffalo bills going into Foxborough next week. Are they play in Foxborough. I don't even know they're going to win obviously but I don't know if it's going to be a wrote winner anyway anyway. It's been a fun one. I WanNa thank everyone who tuned in WanNa. Thank everyone who stop. I want to thank vivid seats for being a proud sponsor of this program. Graham one of the smart ones out there. Thank you very much Carlos. sparce congratulations to her on the big win and hopefully she stays safe in Guatemala. Thank you very much Jeremy Stevens. Hopefully we'll see that one soon very interesting story about what happened yesterday at the hotel. Thank you very much. Leon Edwards great stuff from him interesting interesting times as well great catch up with Martin Kampman good luck to him in Mark Madsen on Saturday great to have the one and only Joey Dee as on the program. Thank thank you very much to him. All the best to Jack Hermansson this Saturday main event Copenhagen good luck to him against jared CANANEA. Thank you very much who Daniel Cormet. Welcome back that was phenomenal stuff and of course thank you very much to horry. Maswadeh for sitting down once again back in two weeks same time and plays a case. You Miss Anything. Check it out. I twitter youtube all those by some more pace..

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