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He does man quincy quin snyder is that's that's your new dim tomasulo i'm telling you that guy looks looks like everybody tim we'll talk to you next week thank you sir money i want you to look at his face right now he is the worst possible face and spokesman for dollarshaveclub like couldn't be worth what do you mean your face looks like it's rotting mondays that rot is growing from your face donlevatar tie finally found a guy who seems to be credible who imprint has lent to what i've been saying for a couple of years now that elon musk is a quack so i asked you what is your article say about him and he just keeps repeating he says he's a quack they just keep saying quack and then you ask him did you read the article and he says quack quack it's like talking to a duck stugatz elon musk is what's the headline because it's why you clicked on it and then you said get me this writer he's credible i don't know how to pronounce this word would you mind reading the headline eat lon musk is a messiah nick huckster like so he is like giving off messiah but he's a messiah fraud exactly of talking about huckster thank you these live live at our show with this to god's own espn radio caramel put it on the poll here as i see on the televisions and basketball we miss you rodney hood apologizing for not entering a game in the fourth quarter gave them put this on the poll is rodney hood gonna ever do anything in basketball that gets remembered more than refusing to enter a playoff game that was fairly amazing to watch if your rodney hood even understanding the temperament of athletes even understanding that within the team concept a lot of guys wanna get theirs and you could be selfish you cannot be on the team of lebron james refusing to enter game when you have been a career nobody playing in utah and you're an afterthought almost every game you've ever played in then there's two things remember one is when most players take umbrage of being put into a game it's usually just thirty seconds left and like dude i'm not gonna walk in there it was like seven minutes left in that game it was plenty of time for him to go out and get some cheap easy.

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