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All going up in price so welcome to think about that listen the less you know listen and subscribe to think about this free where ever you get your podcasts Dr Sanjay Gupta will warmer weather have any affect on the spread of the coronavirus about to Sanjay Gupta CNN's chief medical correspondent some have suggested that he kills the corona virus and that this will all be over by spring a public health experts say there's no way to know this for sure now some people have taken this idea to the extremes using hair dryers hot bats UV lamps to try and disinfect themselves the world health organisation has said these methods are ineffective and should not be used they can irritate your skin or they can even burn now we do see cases of flu decrease as the weather gets warmer and there are several theories why some point to the physics of the virus itself others point to the fact that kids major transmitters of the flu aren't in school anymore we are seeing cases the coronavirus currently spreading in warm weather countries I'm doctor Sanjay Gupta helping you live a better life do you by the US department treasury and the ad council I thank that guy fifty three after the hour from Monday the thirteenth Victoria in her usual perch as am I with a focus on some important technology items air B. and B. is offering some interesting.

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