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ESPN app. He spent the week in mobile at the senior bowl. I mean, you obviously would would know this from having you or senior bowl right in. The first time back in mobile and Twenty-three who was definitely a little little throwback for me with what is on the line for these guys. How do you describe the level of intensity seriousness? You know, as as they as they understand what it could mean for their future. I think that's the thing. That's most interesting as the guy that played in that game. I wasn't prepared for showing up and seeing the who's who's of NFL football. They're on the sidelines. You know, whether we're talking about coaches or we're talking about owners or GM's everybody's there. John Elway on the sideline, you know, looking around and seeing Jerry Jones there. I mean, it is really impressive. If you're a fan of the NFL, that's the place to be during this week to to see all the folks that are the big names within this league. And I think the thing that really was challenging for me is that these guys are watching everything you do whether we're talking about practices, whether we're talking about meetings. Whether we're talking about the way you walk. Around in the lobby vs. Everything's being evaluated. And I think that's the thing that that is most interesting to me. And Secondly, you know, how many of these guys now aren't even playing in their own college bowl games. But yet they're vying for an opportunity to be in mobile. This is the seventieth anniversary of that game. And to think about what they've created there. It's a must attend the thing for these college caused players as they're coming out a chance to play against some of the best. And you guys you you you mentioned earlier some of the guys on the the FCS level or some of the group of five schools. It's a chance for them to come out there and compete against the best in show that they're worthy of playing in the NFL, which I think is kind of cool aspect real quick. Defensively was our defensive player got your attention the most. Yeah. A couple of guys I look at Lonnie Johnson the corner from Kentucky really had a good week for the most part really long at at the line of scrimmage and bunch of bump technique able to jam with those arms which. I thought was was really disruptive for a lot of the receivers. I they Johnson the corner from Houston another guy that's six four two hundred pounds that links at the line in this day and age we know in the NFL game. The receivers are getting bigger. So you have to match that with some link at the corner position. I thought those guys were great. And then an off the radar guy. How about Cowan Saunders from western Illinois really was impressive this week in terms of being able to rush the passer being able to be disruptive on the interior defensive line in one on one drills. He was dominant and the special story about him. He was there this week as his as his girlfriend gave birth to their child had a chance to to hear the news while he was in mobile went home. And I think we'll be back for the game today. So really kind of a cool story there to absolutely yeah. That was and there was some debate this week. What would you have done? Right. Would you have gone back for the birth of the baby? Or would you have stayed in mobile and like. You be at the birth. If you can be at the birth, but he wa-, and she understood this from what I understand he was planning for their future. He's trying to solidify the family's political financial future. Like that's.

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