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You want to be the you want to be the parka salesman to USC athletics. Yeah. Yes. Yes, there will now be winter clothing at USC might not need in previous years. But how does it work? What are you hearing? Well, they will probably play 9 games. They'll have three so let's take your beloved Michigan. Yes, right. You want to have your three rivalry games that you must play every year. Because you have to have Michigan play Ohio State, right? You're going to have to have Michigan play Michigan state. Correct? And maybe they play Minnesota because they got that little Brown jug trophy or somebody else, whatever it is. And then you cycle through the rest of the teams and you should be able to get to everybody home and away. So you would maybe play a USC every other year in every four years you would either travel there or they would you would travel there. So you play home and away, but you could stack it up that way. So there is a way to kind of cycle it through where you get to play everybody fairly often. But you do not lose the big television draws and the hardcore rivalries that you that you need such as there's no way you're not having Michigan and Ohio State play every year because they get kind of the biggest game of the year that is 10 million people to watch. So we're not expanding to lose 10 million person games. You get more of them. But for UCLA and USC, extremely challenging, lane kiffin the other day was talking. I remember he coached USC. And he talked about when they would go play Notre-Dame every other year. And it was a big deal of when do you leave because you got to get acclimated? And so they would leave on Thursdays for a Saturday game. And get in early and it's a grind and they would always play that thing in the middle of the season they play at Notre-Dame in mid October when the games in LA they do it at the end of the year. Now you're going to have to do that like week after week after week. Because there's certainly two road games in a row is not uncommon. So you might be USC or UCLA saying, hey, we're going to fly to Illinois and we're going to come back and then we're going to go play over at Rutgers. The next week and we got to go. So the travel for USC football and UCLA football is enormous and same thing for obviously not just basketball, which people will care about. Those are long road trips and all that and you're going get time zones. But then how do you like to be a baseball team or a softball team or the soccer team? You signed a play at UCLA, you think you're playing in warm weather or not like that. A winter spring baseball game in east Lansing. You were signing up for something else. So for these non revenue sports that's even harder. They'll make it work for football, but it will be a challenge. As you see in the NFL, when you're going west to east, it's a challenge for that team in the west. Well, it's a perpetual challenge now. For UCLA and USC competitively. Dan, thanks for the time, man. Look for my call as the season approaches more. Thanks for the thanks for the two cents. Greatly appreciate it. Anytime we're actually talking to him. Right back at you, Dan wetzel, one of the best and finest right here on the rich eisen show from Yahoo, sports. Let us take a break beyond time relatively for Jason McCourty about to join the good morning football breakfast table, but he will join our program next on the rich eisen show. Having just spoken with Dan wetzel of Yahoo sports about the college football world and diving into him his knowledge about that world and the Big Ten scheduling that's coming. I'm going to say something that definitely backs up from so many other Big Ten fans that Michigan, Wolverine, alums like myself, are arrogant and put our program on a pedestal. I know I know TJ up what I'm about to say will upset Penn State country where you're from, I get it. But with all of the additions with UCLA and USC and Dan wetzel saying, well, they're going to they're not going to take away rivalry games with the additions of these new two new teams. The whole idea is to create more watchable games. And they're not going to take away the rivalry games. So you're going to still have those and then you'll figure out what he said they'll still play 9 games, but they're not going to take away the rivalry games. Naming another Big Ten rivalry game that does not include Michigan. Name me one. Name me one. Iowa state. Iowa state is not in the Big Ten. State's not a Big Ten team. Oh yeah. The rich history of that. I mean, it doesn't have the 100 year history, like Michigan. Who is Wisconsin's rival? Great. Ask them. You know who it is? Michigan. Name the one ask any badger, the one team they want to beat the most in the Big Ten. Us, name Michigan state, us, name Ohio State. Us. Now, got broad shoulders. You got broad shoulders, but now you see coming in USC coming in or you want to see UFC play hole Pence to all those great USC Penn State matchups, right? Now you were going to want to see him play Michigan. There's controversy where USC beat us on a phantom touchdown. In a rose bowl, during the years. So it's just going to be another layer of got to play Michigan. Michigan's irrelevant. I hear that all the time. I just want to know. That's why I want to know. How are we going to schedule these things? Michigan,

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