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Asking why am I here? What why are you doing this to me? Apparently, the deputies didn't like that. So they got angry, and they pulled her out of the woman through her in the closer ask us lawsuit. Clemson civil rights were violated in the deputy's actions were intentional in gratuitous. Ask you a former US marine sergeant authorities are investigating a possible child abuse case at a hospital in west suburban Aurora video posted on social media shows. A woman dragging a five year old boy by his hair inside the emergency area at rush Copley medical center on Monday, the boy and another two year old child are now staying with relatives. So far, no charges have been filed mayoral candidate. And Cook County board president Toni preckwinkle says she has an idea that could avoid alderman finding themselves in a position that could lead to conflicts of interest. Is that we say that you cannot if you're an elected official in Chicago have outside. Employment. I never have those comments follow federal charges that alderman Edberg tried to steer business to his law firm, practical has come under fire for her connections to Burke, she and other leading candidates exchanged ideas at a forum for mayor at the Chicago Tribune editorial board chance the rapper is providing financial support to Amara Enya and her quest to become the next mayor of Chicago. The Grammy winning hip hop artists donated four hundred thousand dollars to her campaign yesterday chance I endorsed for mayor in October. She also received two hundred thousand dollar donation from Kanji west and she's going to be on the Steve Cochran show coming up next hour, and we'll stay tuned for that. Steve as waiting for that. And he she's coming up that live in studio right here on WGN expecting these civilian office. Have police accountability will not release your violence video of a deadly November shooting spree at Bercy hospital. It says releasing the video would be an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy. A doctor was killed in the shooting. So was a police officer and the pharmacy resident the shooter was killed by police COPA generally releases video evidence of police involved shootings and the Illinois freedom of information act with generally governates release, but COPA calls. It. A permissible exemption it says it's a decision made out of sensitivity to the victims families Vic Vaughn WGN. British Prime Minister Theresa may faces a no confidence vote in parliament.

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