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Club setting it was fun and i apologize the gang for over over sharing i've learned my lesson firsthand i don't wanna be hypocrite thank you all i think this is a good talking point though because here's the thing i wouldn't have a problem with thirty minute thirty one minute whatever it was show a short show if i go into it knowing that's what i'm going to get and i know exactly what time it's going to start that is never the case when it comes to rats that's exactly rap artists in particular are notorious for never showing up on time and i don't mean like ten twenty thirty minutes late i mean ours ours late sometimes not at all and i don't know what it is about the rap game the management the the booking agents who it is that's causing this issue but it's always been a problem in hip hop and it continues to be in amazes me that in this situation with bundy it's like it's almost like the day before he was like you know what can i just do like thirty minutes and they were like sure with a couple more shitty rappers on the bill before you yeah maybe it would just if they would've said like hey opener start at ten bon admit because he started right after midnight right like clearly that was the plan was like you're coming on a midnight yeah what can you tell us that they got sell drinks and do all that stuff but it's it's a little frustrating but it was fun and you know he's still the trilogy es the other part of it is the venues though it's like why can you never find information at these fucking venues about what's going on and there's always like for instance the most recent show i saw was hyme at stubs and i talked about it on here on the podcast and for this particular show i was very very excited to see it high something that me and my wife discovered together at cll we enjoy their music the sisters are fantastic we love the show they put on we were very high to go see it so i bought vip tickets when i bought them a little more pricey obviously now when we get there i find out these vip tickets don't actually give his access to anything and i'd been trying to figure out what the hell we got access to with them for days via the internet of which there's no information fucking anywhere none of the venues website on hines website it turns out i bought hyme vip tickets if i wanted the access to the places that i was trying to get access to i needed to buy stubs vip tickets it's it's things like that so what what did that mean i just anything i got a cool badge that was and it was just kind of a bummer it was like dude what the fuck i hate that though not being able to figure out win the main act is coming on stage it has to be intentional right it's gotta be it's gotta be this has got to be a tactic to get you to drink more i just think the frustration i believe you're right it is a tactic to get people to spend more money on concessions but it seems like there's gotta be a better way to go about this less frustrating in frankly disrespectful way to go about it like there's gotta be another way i don't know what it is it's not my job of figure it out but somebody needs to that being said thank you for sharing about bun nice i wish i'd been there i'm jealous i'm jealous that you you did the noble thing and you you going into it knowing it was going to be a shit show meaning there was gonna be several shitty opening acts you don't know what he's gonna come on you you fought through all that and you got yourself trillo gee i salute you a few other now smits first of all we have now several sets of invitations for the rb p gang to start handing out to new recruits i will be distributing those today.

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