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Dot com Search CHARITIES. That's w t o p dot com Search charity W T o P at 4 28 traffic and weather on the eighth Demonic blighter in the W T o P. Traffic center Mike First Responders are busy in Virginia, starting with the first incident in Arlington. Traveling north down 3 95 just before the 14th Street bridge. We still have the cones down. Response is on the scene for the crash, blocking the left lane and the exit ramp for Exit 10 C again. Beyond the beyond the activity. That pace does improve, however, leading up to what you're looking at about a mile and a half backup that incident involving two vehicles. That car is off to the shoulder. However, again, those cones blocking the left lane heading over to Fairfax. Traveling westbound. The exit ramp. The left exit toward 1 23 is blocked with the crash activity. Good news response is on the scene. Tow trucks are on the scene as well. That vehicle should be out of the way and that exit ramp should be open for you shortly. However, at the moment still looking at brief delays getting beyond the activity heading over into what bridge traveling north on I 95 the ramp heading toward Prince William Parkway. Still seeing some delays there for the earlier crash we had along the left side southbound and Lauren just before exit. 1 63. We had crash activity along the left side. Also seeing delays getting beyond the activity there as well on the capital Beltway, you're in pretty good shape, seeing brief delays as you make your way heading south toward the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Bond. Him only. And if you're heading toward the American Legion Bridge, typical hot spot there. Nothing reported in your way heading over into Maryland on the inner loop the ramp heading toward Cabin John Parkway. We do have reports of storm debris, blocking that exit ramp with caution as you make your way in that direction heading over onto I 95 no issues pending in either direction. Same goes for the Baltimore Washington Parkway. Coming to Wolf Trap this summer Classic albums live performance. Leg Zeppelin for Zakir Hussain and Red Barrett and more tickets on sale Now at Wolf trap dot org. Monique Blind third w T o P. Traffic, Not a storm team for meteorologist Brianna Berman Solo. Partly cloudy and breezy today with a nice comfortable start to the holiday weekend. A couple of passing showers this afternoon.

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