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That's why we're still married. It is very funny. It's good. Everybody. Speaking of the humor. That's one of the beautiful things about your father's work is how just everything, even the most times, even he would get very serious about this. And it was more, of course, to quote him sincere Ness. Seriousness about something. To really bring in the gravity and the kind of the theater and really land some big truth. It always resolved and laughter. And that laughter was always there right under the surface, just waiting to come out and bring and put balance into some of perhaps what could be seen as heaviness of some of the other ideas because he was doing some pretty heavy lifting it a lot of times, you know, big philosophical ideas. And so I'm curious from your perspective, you know, to get into thinking that heavily in that complicated and also just for so long, how do you think that he kept the ability to stay light and to stay un cynical and unjaded and playful? I mean, that's such a feat to stay playful for your whole life like that. Well, I think he was with that core, you know, divine cosmic drama dance in his heart. And he was very curious person. So who's delightfully going for one thing to another? Oh my goodness, you know, Mark. I don't have time to read this book, read it and tell me everything that's wonderful about. I know it's going to be good. I'm going to take two books. You give me two. And because we fielded the mail for him for a couple of years. And everybody wanted his review or his forward or something. And but I think that he was basically with that game. You know, realizing that everybody was playing a part. And I actually was recording him at a seminar once. And at the end, I had to go up and get the microphone off and before he got up and walked away and would drag it with him a little clip microphone. And so I was right there when a woman came up very seriously and said, put Alan, what is going to happen to me when I die? And he burst out laughing. And he wasn't being insensitive. He's just, you thought it was funny. It was funny. Seriously, she was taking all this and just the expression on her face and everything. And he says, well, my dear that depends on who's asking the question. Now, if you just identify this with this little piece of yourself, who is worried about these kind of things, fortunately, you'll be completely annihilated. However, if you realize that that's not what you really are and that you're inexplicable thing to her. It was really beautiful. Burst out and laughter. And then I remember another really serious time when we were at bridge mountain in Santa Cruz. And we'd given a seminar afterwards, there was a woman who was troubled. I mean, I could feel it..

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