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Deny them their second amendment right is not gonna make any one state what's more to me says he hasn't gone any money from the nra since 2010 president trump does suggest to me is built to expand background checks be the basis for gun control legislation the nra opposed that bipartisan measure introduced after the slaughter at sandy hook ian bush kyw newsradio now president trump says police in florida should have taken away the high school shooting suspects gun whether they had the right to or not here at home a republican state legislator from montgomery county is introducing a bill that would lead police do that in some cases until the judge can determine if a person's dangerous it's called red flag gun legislation kyw suburban bureau chief jim melwert explain under the legislation state rep todd steven says the media family member a law enforcement official could ask a judge the issue it's called in extreme risk protection order which would temporarily removed some on guns from them uh it's been demonstrated that they are a threat to themselves or others steven says the subject to the order will get a full hearing in the chance to reclaim their guns and there would be charges friend who to make small statements to get someone's guns taken away five states already have red light gun laws in the books with many more considering them following the parkland school shooting steven says will the mass shootings got the headlines the majority of gunned us or suicides which could be preventable the guns were removed republican congressman bryant it's patrick from bucks county is cosponsor of similar federal legislation at the suburban bureau jim melwert kyw newsradio kyw news time four thirty seven we check in with katie fehlinger the eyewitness weather center we got a coastal storm on the way katie and we're just talking about what a deepening low means gift the fbi you got the short explanation of the.

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