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In the Supreme Court. And when that plan failed, The New York Times says he allegedly plotted to remove his acting attorney general and replace him with a trump loyalist who was willing to help him fight Joe Biden's victory in Georgia. Baddest NBC's Alex per share reporting, President Trump's Senate trial will begin the week of February. 8th also word today that thousands of National Guard troops we're gonna be staying in the nation's capital for now, political reporting that as many as 5000 soldiers Could remain stationed in the nation's capital through mid March to deal with possible demonstrations around the Senate's impeachment trial of former President Trump US is surpassing 25 million cases of covert 19 worldwide. That number is getting close to 100 million to stop the spread of the virus. President Biden is enacting a ban restricting travel from South Africa as well as reimposing. The van from Brazil, the UK, Ireland and 26 European countries. It comes as the White House faces growing push back after unveiling its $1.9 trillion covert relief plan. The package would include another round of direct payments to most Americans this time for $1400, although they say they're open to putting more money in ABC is Kenneth Martin reporting. Also today, President Biden is set to sign up by America executive Order. It'll make it tougher for federal agencies to buy imported products back here at home. There were a fire crews have put out a house fire this morning, Your Hampton in Genoa. From pictures. It appears there was significant damage to the home's roof. It is I could produce a coating to an inch by daybreak tomorrow. That is Fox 30 one's meteorologist. Brooks Garner. So snow is what we need. Kaylee newsreaders Sheckler join us live with more more more of it, too. Yes. Cue the Andrew True connection there. Marty 2020 was the second driest year on record in the state since 80 95. If you've been hiking in the high country recently, you've probably noticed how dry it is. Forced soil is dried up, and we know what that conduce specially after last summer, scientists are thinking well, they're hoping a new administration will be an opportunity to ramp up federal of work to save forests. Has him in this dry in Colorado since the record drought a year of 2002. But remember, that was abruptly ended when a historic blizzard dropped up the 3 Ft of snow in a few days in March. A lot of winners still in front of us, including one are typically big snow months in California's high countries getting dumped on now here in Colorado. We may not need a blizzard, but we definitely need some snow days. Chuck Clark a way NewsRadio, Colorado health officials want to make sure the covert 19 vaccine is distributed equitably across the state. Officials with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment say a person's immigration status won't prevent them from getting access to the vaccine. Getting covert vaccines into communities of color is a top priority in Denver, moving forward these kind of vaccine clinics or something Denver leaders are trying to replicate this becomes head of where relationships and community become the most critical factor number. Councilwoman Jaime Torres represents a large Hispanic population living on the West Side of Denver. Since the beginning of covert, it's been a real frustration. Of language access data indicates Hispanic and minority vaccinations are falling behind. Only about 4% of all people vaccinated in Colorado are Hispanic. One. Roughly one in five Coloradans identify us such but that data isn't perfect 22% of vaccinations are attached to unknown ethnicities. The biggest barrier that I'm hearing from folks is really the registration, the other barriers, tourism leaders face or how people get information on signing up transferred. Nation and hesitation for how safe the vaccine is here. A West Denver Councilwoman tourist is working with a group of local lawmakers to make these drives available at different churches or service hubs, making sure that the Latino community here has access to the vaccine as Fox 30 one's Alex Rose. The search is on for suspects after an attack in Indianapolis. After that attack, it left six people dead, including a pregnant woman, right words to say. At this time. And in our community must come to terms with the largest mass casually shooting. And more than a decade. That's Indianapolis police chief Randall Taylor. One more person. A young boy was critically hurt in a shooting. Investigators believe it was targeted a targeted attack by multiple shooters. There were protests into come a Washington after a police officer apparently hit at least one pedestrian with his patrol car while trying to clear a crowd, protesters started ah fire and damaged several buildings into coma. And the ST Louis area couple accused of calling in a bomb threat to a day care just so they could get the day off, police say. Twice In one week, a bomb threat was phoned into the day care center in ST Peters, Missouri, just outside of ST Louis, leading to an evacuation of some 90 people from the facility, including several babies in near freezing weather. No bonds were found in either incident on investigation show the threats were hoaxes. They've been made by a woman and her boyfriend who admitted to the hoaxes so the woman could take the days off with pay, both of in charged with making a terrorist threat and filing a false Long report can pardon ABC News ST LOUIS Europe Today it is six or seven here on Colorado's Morning news. We will get you to some money news with patent Sports of BK. The Super Bowl is set on that Monday morning, Dr John Morrissey.

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