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He says, man, he went and he had what he had a burger like this it this would be excited about it. He's not one of these guys that basketball is the end all be all he's been saying. I don't know if I want to play that much. Three more years would be a good way to go out. And I know as a lot of new business interests and Silicon Valley, but he also has two homes in the Los Angeles area. Think it's Hollywood hills and Malibu go, and maybe they're just good real estate investment because it seems like every NBA player has one home in. Yeah. Jimmy Butler had a by here so it could be the next LA bound, but but everybody loves this city. We love this would. Finish shooter. I don't know when shock you if he chose to do that. It would come close to shocking. Did it shock, you. Question you shopping. Yeah, you have a here stuff all season, so I wasn't quite I heard it in November of that season. I was shocked. Yes, they had gold down three to one and now you're going to go join those changed because I'm not sure does he leave if they win that series. Here's the problem for the NBA if that were to happen. It would basically be be moving another unbeatable team now from Golden State's LA they would be unbeatable. It's LeBron is still LeBron. Yeah, it would be ridiculous. It'd be the favourite where we saw all star game. You would hope and pray that Golden State stayed as they were everybody else's still there except k. D. And maybe they could be as good as they were before k. got there might have some kind of if DeMarcus, is there Demark's cousins and he's healthy. Maybe he becomes a plays a bigger role. Maybe we can't with Katie ka thing about if if if Katie LeBron join up, go to states beating Bill, I don't believe I don't believe it would be LeBron's seventeenth season Katie. If they didn't have Katie two years ago, they wanna be. They went to LeBron. Carey would. I would. I Katie. Would have been a great. We live in. Got to really see. That's unfortunate thing. Kate Katie with Katie. I mean, do your thirty eight difference may but remember how great they were without him. They want Seventy-three without him. But you see the data. The thing in that game three, two years ago, it was k. d. gained through this year. I mean, ten point. You're not supposed to win when you your second and third player twenty points between you're not supposed to win the game in the NBA finals. But when you got them for Mazda going for forty three, nine and six. Yeah, you do. That's exactly what supposed to happen. You supposed to win. That game body of ood have been let it happen. Happel Adam fill out and filled with my do. So he He laid, laid I'm not. to. I'm not. I'll do. Hey, you know, no loyalty players are really feeling on a loyal nowadays started to more low to your boys into your team. That's right. Oh, yes. Come on. Katie. You can do. I don't care what I don't care. What do what they say about it? They go talk about you anyway. He's he's been talked about more than anybody. Except, you know who who broad. He's gonna say, Jesus. Talking about LeBron. Stop it. On the grid, say that. Two right here. It is with God though y'all be hating on the bra. He's. Appreciate you as always. I lived was traded to the raptors yesterday and oddsmakers certainly took notice now before yesterday's deal. The raptors were sixty to one to win the title next season. But according to west gate after the deal, they shot up to twenty two one with only five teams ahead of them. Shannon, does that surprise. You know. Quasi better player on both ends of the court than demar Roden. So I'm not surprised because also notice the Spurs went from eighty to one to win the title to two hundred one. Clearly they know what Cooper Linda represents skip. If he's healthy, he's motivated. There's no question about it. If he'd helped motivate, he's the best player in the east. Yes. I said he's the best player healthy and motivated koala Leonard is the best player in the better Joel Embiid he's just not. Sorry. Them till I'm beat is a monster them to seven feet tall, two, three year And finally finals. BP's hold up first team all be twice when guy plays angry. One guy plays soft..

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