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Pm interesting note to this appearance today, the prosecutor said that they found twenty three firearms Twenty-three guns in the possession of alderman Burke, when they raided his offices reporting live at the Dirksen, federal building, Steve Miller, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. Bob Roberts continues our coverage live from the Newsline on Burks at bird sub ward office engage park on the south. With west side. Chris a lot of people are expressing what appears to be complete surprise more than twenty in the block surrounding Burks ward office here at twenty six fifty west fifty first street, but when asked to elaborate, they say they're too busy to talk. Watt. More details or simply don't speak English. The one person more than willing to talk his Tanya Patino who is running against birth. Call for him to resign first and foremost for him to withdraw from this race because I think that he's already lied and have bullying bullied this community. And it's it's time for him to just step down. We tried to ask Birt's office for a statement. But the shades were drawn and the doors were locked even in the middle of the day live engage park. Bob Roberts, News Radio on five point nine FM. VM political editor Craig Delamore. We'll have more on Ed Edberg's influence in Chicago politics. That's coming up at four thirty Harvey police are looking for a man who shot to people yesterday killing a twenty year old man and wounding his pregnant eighteen year old girlfriend Harvey police chief, Gregory Thomas says it happened outside the couple's home one hundred forty six in green. Individual probably one hundred and fifty pounds when he Blackwood dark jacket with a white stripe down to sleep approach are to victims as they were internet. Residents and opened fire. Thomas says the shooter recently had an altercation with the dead, man. Jalen Jackson over a stolen car Jackson's girlfriend Maseru Lambert was critically wounded her father says it's not clear if the unborn baby will survive Lambert is two months pregnant WBZ news time four oh..

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