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That state Representative Jonathan stickland who's a Republican from the Dallas area as introduced a Bill that would essentially drop the requirement that you first undergo a class and get a permit before you could carry a handgun. It's called constitutional carry because supporters say the second amendment says the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed. And they say that being required to petition the government and pay the money in order to carry a handgun is definitely an infringement on your second amendment rights. They also point out that since there is a fee in getting the permit strips low income Texans of their right to keep and bear arms. The law would essentially say if you can legally buy a gun and go through the federally mandated back. Around. Check Eddie are twenty one years old the state cannot prohibit you from carrying a concealed handgun or a partially or wholly visible hand gun in a holster. Now this Bill has failed in two thousand fifteen and failed in two thousand seventeen and the main reason it failed is that house speaker Joe Straus refused to allow it a hearing on the floor of the house. Now, obviously, Joe Straus we'll be moving on. He will no longer be speaker as soon as the new speaker is elected. So that may or may not remove what of the obstacles that has faced constitutional Kerry. But another obstacle will be groups like Texas gun sans. Who say following what happened in Sutherland springs, and what happened at the Santa Fe high school? It's time for Texas to pass what are called red flag laws. Okay. Which are laws that allow this would be a civil process that would not be a criminal process. So supporters say it does not violate the second amendment, and it would allow family members schoolteachers parents police other interested persons to petition a court to say so and so over there is dangerous and their gun should be taken away from them during the pendency process civil process. Okay. And they say that the current permitting process. First of all teaches people safety don't shoot themselves with a handgun, right? And they're mainly concerned that it also teaches them how to store a gun safely because as you know, criminals are probably as likely if not more likely to steal the guns, they use through legitimate sources to go, and they say unless we continue with this permitting process and the requirement that people undergo a class, they're not gonna learn the very very important tips on how to. To prevent them from shooting themselves or shooting their loved ones instead of shooting at the target. And also they're not going to learn how to store that gun properly. The bad guys. Don't get their hands on it. So right now with speaker Straus moving on it's very unclear whether this could be the year for concealed carry, but considering those two incidents which have happened since the last time the legislature met also the people who want to restrict gun access and gun ownership are also empowered and you can count on them continuing to speak out against it. So what do you think the chances are? I think the chances right now are probably less than fifty fifty. Okay. Speak Representative Baden who is the designated new speaker has supported constitutional carry in the past, but he has not yet commented on whether or not he would support this particular Bill, and Jonathan stickland is also don't as being kind of a kind of a fringe, sure. Anyway. So his bills are frequently not taken with the gravitas. The you might get from like a Lyle Larson or somebody who's considered to be a more mainstream Republican and that hasn't helped constitutional carry either. That's Jim foresight wer news director, he's back at eight ten with more commentary. My Capella before seven thirty..

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