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The economy doing better better growth prospects and companies needing to finance and there's a lot of highgrowth companies that issue convertibles and it's great to be invested in those companies through the structure the spdr bloomberg barclays convertible securities etf up about twelve percent this year so you think is more room to run here absolutely um so i think that to the equity market has some more upside as long as monetary policy the means on the path that it is right now the most monetary policy so important i'll bring it up because i'm listening to you at one of the essence of elon's tony dwyer this might just talked about what's important right now he's watching kind of growth globally seems to be okay we're seeing growth in revenues as companies port report earnings i mean they're they're growing their business absolutely and if you listen to the imf there's been a nice pickup in global gdp this here who had a three point five percent annualized up from two point six percent nitish sappi not too shabby atto and you've seen the second quarter results the revenues going eight point six percent firstquarter was very strong so i think we've got a backdrop here with as being a pickup in growth at the same time mm inflation remains very moderate which then is a great recipe for companies to be able to grow their earnings without having to worry about raising rates and the valuations being impacted so it's a it's a great to be to be in the stock market so given example of a convertible so some examples of convertibles that futile rely on there's the as as an example of for highgrowth company that's great viv for convertibles to participate in is tesla motors which is i think is very fullyvalued his surface john emerging valuation but they're they're transformational company and they could be a lot of upside ready for the same time some of the projections in terms of the number of cars they're able to sell the margins they don't come true and they don't transform the electric grid as some people are expecting than they could be alerted downside and be there's a lot of ways to play the convert market had to explain why you like the.

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