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I you know i i wanna go college basketball and i think when when you think of college basketball uniforms for me it's probably ucla. Which do you have an error. You prefer here Not r- an era of specific jersey design. Like obviously i think college basketball. Uniforms looked a lot better like in the eighties in the seventies when they weren't like they had the head a smaller. What do you call them like. I mean the straps that go on the shoulders. What do you call those. It's a one pm sleeves but there's no sleeves it's just like you know how those have gotten bigger over the years. Yeah so it's not like really specific. I think their current iterations look kind. I think they've looked pretty good. Like i think they're jordan brand now right but it's something i think the blue like blue and gold go together very well and then i think it's just the ucla that it. It's like the perfect amount of lettering. That looks good on. The front of a jersey agree. The greek greek greek jerseys Like alec kentucky's uniform. But i think like kentucky harder like ucla's just so short you can make it bigger and it's just there and there are a slightly lighter blue and the gold. I think just does make that so much better but that might be unbiased because of the chargers part powder blues i don't i don't know i i think one i think. Ucla even back like kareem when kareem as air like the ucla script is very nice. Uvc one of those like they have not only a good non script but a good script fought so that that's probably my favorite college jersey. Yeah out now. I like the pig I'm going to pick the nineties. Purple suns jerseys. The shooting star shooting son. I guess in well. The sun's a star the shooting star jersey with the barclay were so sick And i just. I can't get off the board. I know they're probably going to be able to eventually from you or from coal smith So i'm gonna keep them. I'm keep my purple suns jerseys. Go sons destroyed fucking nuggets cole. Kohl's up in coal is picking the purple raptors jersey with the raptor on it. I think those are good clarification But i do think that jerseys very cool yeah. I love that jersey. Yeah that one had to off the board. His next epic though is a very funny one. And i don't know if you've seen these before. But the the nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine thousand ninety four usa soccer team. Denham jerseys do remember these. No hold on. Okay just look up. look up. Nineteen ninety-five air. Sorry nineteen ninety-four usa soccer team. Denham jerseys they're very funny.

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