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The ransomware person was waiting for an answer. Did you know? First of all, I don't have that kind of money, even though I don't know what kind of money that is. I'm pretty sure they weren't after just a couple of bucks. Pay the ransom because. Guarantees you that you will. Peter left the problem of how to get the food banks computers up and running again, that's where volunteers have stepped up to manually input, all the data and files people such as Becky clower. I just think it's horrible. I can't imagine why anybody would do something like this to somebody who helps so many people, the city of Samantha's recently came under a ransomware attack. And so did the major cities of Baltimore and Atlanta and this overlending really is that I'm not gonna let somebody beat us and don't care. How hard they try bridge? Komo news. A potential presidential candidate plans to take the summer off after making the rounds on TV. We saw Montagne howls, former Starbucks. Ceo, Howard Schultz has been laying low lately, but it turns out in recent months. He experienced acute back pain and underwent three separate back surgeries. He says, he's feeling a lot better and doctors, expect them to make a full recovery, but they advise him to get a lot of rest and rehabilitation, and that's why we're not going to see him for a few months. He says, he's going to give voters an update after Labor Day. Maybe then we'll find out if he will be running for president as an independent candidate hope he feels better. No mind. No matter. All right. Thanks. Komo news time six twenty eight. If you have walls introducing.

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