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From NPR news. I'm Jack's fear. The stay at home orders affecting most Californians are likely to be renewed and extended into the new year. That's according to government. Gavin Newsom to Qd science reporter Daniel Event in has more from the cove in 19 situation there. Hospital demand is surgeon with ICU capacity in Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley at 0% and Governor Gavin Newsom said, expected to get worse. Look, we are anticipating a substantial increase in the hospital surge. People are not being turned away for care yet, but some areas are now activating their backup plans for the surge. And Newsome said cases in some regions may exceed what hospitals have planned for. Newsom said he's asked for more federal medical teams to assist and resource is for an additional field hospital. The federal relief bill is good news, he said. With about $17. Billion expected to flow into California for NPR News. I'm Daniel Benton. European Union citizens will begin getting inoculated against the coronavirus next week. Teri Schultz reports the blocks. Regulators and executive officials have approved the five by on tech vaccine. Just hours after the European Medicines Agency announced it found the Fizer by on tech vaccines safe and effective. The European Commission granted its permission to start vaccinations December 27 through the 29th. Commission president or saliva underline, says the block intense for all 27 countries to have access to the vaccine at the same time under the same conditions, though, it's not clear whether all governments will have ultra cold freezers ready to receive doses by next week reporter Teri Schultz. In a statement at odds with President Trump, outgoing Attorney General William Barr told reporters today he sees no evidence of the kind of outcome changing voter fraud that President Trump has been alleging, and no reason to seize voting machines. The same time bar further declare there was no need to appoint a special counsel toe a pro president elect Joe Biden, son Hunter. More from NPR's Ryan Lucas, President elect Joe Biden's son, Hunter. Biden is currently under federal investigation for possible tax crimes Bar says he sees no need to appoint a special counsel to lead that effort going forward. I.

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