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You know you had a tragic situation with his son. Musset situation with my family is, you know, unfortunately, well publicized. And so we talked a lot about life. But then when it got down to the things that we're going to make it a partnership for us both of us had to be on the same page. And we both agree that we wanted to work together in a certain way. And at the end of the day, I never lost sight of the fact that it's his team. And, you know, these jobs don't belong to the head coaches in the league, we're stewards over it, you know. But I think the thing that impressed me more than anything was when we had those tough talks, he didn't shy away from it. He didn't blame he'd never through anybody under the bus one time he took ownership. And when he asked me to have questions about my past I tried to do the same. And so we both kind of I think we feel like we're in the same spot because I know that he's he wants it badly. And I have a lot to prove as a coach. And so, I feel like it's an alignment between myself and James, and Mr. Sauber that can hopefully be really successful here for a head coach. When you say a partnership, it's easy, you know, in may and June in the off season. Right. There's no losing streaks. There's no fourth quarter leads alone, Robert has shown to be very emotional and he'll come into the coach's room. He'll come out on the practice floor times. Like you said, it's his team right? Different styles are, but is there like some lines and you sit down with James Jones, your GM, and you sit out Robert, and you say here, just some things that I can't have as a head coach. Do you have to do it like that? I think you have to be clear about your vision in. I laid out what I feel like is the best way to lead these young guys to another level in another level and so forth. And he agree with that. And so that's all I can go off of. And, you know, not one time did he say, you know, I don't like that or anything like that. I think we are building trust right now. And all you can do in any relationship is build equity at some point, I'm going to have to pull from that equity. And if we have the relationship that I believe we will have the trust will be there. And so, yeah, we both laid out visions, he laid out his vision, I laid out mine. And there were things that align. And then there were things that were different that we both agree that we could learn from each other. And so for me, not only did he hire me and commit to me with the years and, and the finances, our visions about this team going forward aligned in many areas in this league you've been in a few different situations, some better than others. In terms of having alignment, you you're in San Antonio is a player and then you're back there. In the front office. You've been in Portland. You've been in New Orleans as a head coach the longer in it. And then obviously Philadelphia the last year, Oklahoma City the longer in it, does it sort of always get back to, if you don't have what you need at the top. It's very difficult to sustain anything on the ground floor in the locker room on the court that you just not gonna win by accident. Sure. Right. Yup. Thank you. Right. Ownership in the leadership of your ownership is key. And we've seen that in San Antonio with the whole family. I've been really blessed to be able to spend time with the patriots and learn from Jack Easterby, who's now with the Texans, and I've, I've watched the Kraft family and how they are in lockstep with Bela check and Brady mall..

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