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What's going on at Parchman Richmond and many of us including myself are talking to men inside of Parchman were talking to families who have relatives inside of Parchman and I would go so far as to say that it is one of the biggest disasters in the American prison system in modern American in history? We've now had ten people die in. Mississippi's prisons in just the past. Three weeks eight have died there in Parchman. We are having people people that are being stabbed just in the past two days back to back. PARCHMAN has announced that they've had to suicides and people inside of the prisoners. Saying No. Those aren't suicides. Those are people being killed by guards and inmates inside died of Parchman and the officials in Parchman don't want to admit it and so they are saying. Oh a new suicide a new suicide a news a yet another suicide aside as if there is a like a suicide flu going on in parchment what we know is that the conditions there a horrible. We are hearing inmates. And not just here. And we're seeing. They are smuggling photos autos and videos from inside of the prison out where there is no heat. No air no clean water. I hate to be a graphic nick but there are entire cellblocks where the toilets are not working in. The men are being asked to p and to urinate in defecate in bags. It's getting everywhere. We see raw sewage and overflow on the floors the conditions conditions. I will say in addition to the horrible inhumane unsanitary conditions inside of the inside of the prison. The conditions are indeed conducive to suicide. Making you want to do anything to get out of the place and so whether these are suicides or not. We do know that just three weeks ago. There were a rash of killings there. I saw that these weren't suicides. I saw aw. I saw the images of the men who had been killed who had been stabbed to death. I saw blood all over the prison. And now that they they have basically gone out of their way at the prison to take away and to find as many of the phones and other things and I'm glad for those phones otherwise is we would not know how horrible the conditions are. But they've taken almost all of them. Away and prisoners are saying to their families. Listen these aren't suicides. The these are murderers happening inside of the prison. What I know is this is a national emergency? It's a national emergency that needs to be addressed somehow by the trump administration and we may say yeah right but listen if there's anything they can do to intervene they need to. He claims claims to care about criminal. Justice Reform Jared Kushner claims to care about criminal justice reform. Well Republicans control almost every every facet of the state government there so we need the state officials there to intervene. And it's just deeply disturbing and it gets. It's back to this idea that I've shared with you. That this nation has throwaway people. It will allow anything everything to happen to enact as if it does does not matter because they will one day. Convicted of a crime foolishness. It's a national emergency department. That just want you for yourself. Go to twitter just type in parchment in the search box so you can see the stories videos the photos for yourself a right break. Thank you bring the bring the bring the great. Thank you so much for listening to this episode of the breakdown. The have not already already subscribed please right. Now subscribe on Apple podcast or spotify or whatever podcast platform that you love to listen to the show on of course thank you so much to our podcast erectile Sandra to our senior producer Willis and our entire staff at the action. Pack including Adam. Chris Jen Zoe and so many others. That are working hard behind the scenes trying to help us. 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