Southern Baptist Church, Gop Government, Donald Trump discussed on TJ's House Party


He had the he had that really kind of preacher he kind of like that black preacher kind of thing that he would he would bet he developed i mean it was good i mean i like listen obama speak is a very good speaker his speeches were they had a certain cadence to them you know like us if you were like at a black southern baptist church or something you know you he had a certain cadence to it and it was it was very soothing the listen to you know he had a nice way of speaking but you know what there's no content there as far as i as far as i was concerned i mean there was it was a whole lot of the socialist kind of agenda if you will i mean it was all about it was the opposite of that statement it was the opposite of gop government was always the answer there's always away we could solve a problem and that is with more government controls that was with more regulation that was meant more legislation that's how we're going to solve all your problems and president trump gets up there on monday and he gives a speech about how you know you know who's going to solve your problem you're going to solve your problem you're going to get a job you're gonna work you're going to save money you're going to start a business we as as as americans we are going to try to fix infrastructure we're going to try to fix the immigration problem yeah i think at the at the beginning i first i was listening to all my drive home i started listening to it and i when did obliging it later so i miss the middle but in the beginning at first semi man he's really really stretching this out by he would point out in the venue individual who is in the chamber who is there and everybody would applaud forum and a first i thought okay well he's just trying to fill time is no you know he has no what is going to say next uh but he did obviously he just like you said he's not a great of the speaker as obama but going back to what you said a few minutes ago he was.

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