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Is there any vans from either team in the stadium tickets returned by arsenal. At least at least two thousand that worries me out of a very small location. You're right. I think the belief is that in the end you will be looking at a full stadium. But I don't think you'll be looking at Chelsea arsenal fan Brown England. I think you'll be looking at remember these are global clubs. Yes. I think that they're going to get a lot of fans, maybe from Asian countries who go and watch their team play. So it's going to be different in terms of the crowd makeup. But I do believe you'll have you will be left with a passionate. Well, I hope you know what actually I don't know if these corporate events because that say there's a corporate of essentially, yeah, let's talk about the game though. And I'm looking at the keys to the game. And I'm thinking about this mainly. From Chelsea's perspective. And I'm starting to worry if on them just a little bit in terms of fitness player availability, obviously, we know about Hudson, toys out, and then what about Ruben? Loftus cheek rupturing achilles on a Dmitrov. I think we did mention it. But we didn't really go into it on a nonsense. Friendly on tour in the United States playing against New England and they've got a Cup final coming up. What, what are these games look under stand, you have to keep playing and you have to keep yourself in shape. Getting ready for this final had getting on a plane and traveling across the ocean. Like it's just such silliness to me. It's nonsense. No two calls was good cause that they were trying to push which was a final stop put a final stop to Hayes, the visit visited the, the holocaust memorial in Boston. But why did it have to happen? No one's now. Do it. Just. Don't do it. No. Yeah. And I know that these things have to be planned for a while in advance and it's hard to assume that you're going to be playing in a Cup final in Europe. But I don't know your Chelsea like it's always possible, didn't make sense to me. Yeah. And now there's word because this has been a little bit up in the air would he play when he played? But it looks like and go content will not play which is huge. Yeah. On an really changes things. I've looked at it in a different way. I was reading Julian Laurent in the on ESPN f c. So it's the two attacks. How can let let's be honest. I am no fan of the arsenal defence. So how are they going to deal with the threat of hazard? You know, on the other side can Chelsea de with this on. It's something that me and you have been hammering home for forever that a bomb Yang and lack Zet need to play together, not in like wide positions. But play pretty pretty centrally. And this was an interesting little bit. From Jillian around who said Emory, three four one formation has become really efficient at the turn of the year since January, I like Zet has eleven goals and five assists in all competitions. With sixteen goals forces for Obama young over the same span in total. They have fifty goals in all competitions between them..

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