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Sometimes I don't have to you know, externalize these internal thoughts while I'm job as the host, and this is a somewhat confusing segment. And so I think it's it's good to set it up. But it's it really is inspired by game of thrones. He sort of did the intro ready right off the top. But just that people there into deep. They've they've committed so long with game of thrones that they're just losing perspective on things that's a little bit. How I feel with the Los Angeles chargers at this point. I've been predicting that this team is going to be one of the best teams in the AFC that it's going to go to the Super Bowl that it's got one of the best roster than the league from for so long that it is. No, there's no backing off at this point. There's no I can't go off of that. When they went twelve and four a year ago. But part of me does you know, the part of me that's not as invested kind of looks at it from the outside and and looks at that offensive line. It's garbage for the most part. And it was at the end of last season. And it's basically the same group coming back, and it's an it's an older quarterback. And as loaded as that defense looks and and it's really good overall. I do worry about a team that doesn't really have much of a home field advantage. And did they was that their best chance last year twelve and four. I don't really know. I can't tell because I'm in. So I'm in. So during today, I'm into deep can't see it, you're blinded. What about the idea of building into those things maybe worried about the way the offense played down the stretch. Yes. After that amazing. They peaked as a team one of the great moments and chargers history least regular season. Maybe you can go the whole kit and caboodle is when they went to Arrowhead and the buzzer beater win on Thursday night football and from that point on. I don't remember that offense being close to the same. What is that? Right. I do worry about that. They're a little thin. They have two great receivers. I believe in Keenan Allen. And Mike Williams is coming up. But after that, it's Travis Benjamin. And then there's a pretty big fall off it. It's just a team that you're nervous. I'm not nerve. I'm not nervous. It just looks. So good on paper that actually think. Now, I've been rooting for the chargers due out for so long. I'm getting some charger fans thoughts in my head, which is like it. Almost looks too good. Something's going to get funky. It felt like at the end of the year. The problem's two fold that they're running backs were injured, and they have one of the best most productive backfields all year, and they right out of the offensive line just fell apart and got exploited almost the offense was so bad the last four or five six weeks, and that was what I think separated this team. And the defense is really good. I hope Gus Bradley can take advantage of all the talent that he has. It looks great on paper. This is an organization where it hasn't always translated from paper to reality. Kind of like the last season of game of thrones. How about that? I brought it back around and Aaron Rodgers was the latest celebrity cameo on the show. I think he gets us. No, did you see wasn't that gonna be in the news? Forgot main. I wasn't looking for them. Because it was about game of thrones not some quarterback for the Packers. But no, I didn't see him. Well, the I saw quarterback for the Packers all time. Great. Yeah. But he plays football. A football player has no place in game of thrones. That's a whole different world that's mid earth. Everyone just actors disguise that hang out in LA and work on their screenplays suspension of disbelief matters more for me than most people. It's hard to pick them out. There's a scene according to to some again, don't watch it. But obviously should be doing. But he comes watch a show. He comes burning hound..

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