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With our legal system. I'm disgusted with those jurors. That you can allow 17 dead and 17 others shot and wounded and not get the death penalty. What do we have to death penalty for? Defense attorneys argued that Cruz's violent outbursts were the result of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. He'll be formally sentenced to life in prison next month. Laurel Walmsley and PR news. The annual inflation rate stayed high in September with consumer prices rising 8.2% from the year before. The government reports that even though gas prices saw a major decline last month increases in the cost of shelter food and medical care, kept inflation running hot. September inflation rate puts retirees on the path to the biggest cost of living adjustment in decades, minutes after the consumer price index report was released social security announced benefits would increase 8.7% starting in January. You're listening to NPR news. From WAB news in Atlanta, good afternoon. I'm Jim berry. Now, four O four. An east point woman has joined a class action lawsuit against car manufacturers Kia and Hyundai. Mary horn claims the company's made their vehicles easy for thieves to steal. Only Oppenheimer reports. Atlanta police say there was a sharp increase in thefts of Kia and Hyundai cars over the summer. According to the complaint, that's because most Kia and Hyundai vehicles don't have a crucial anti theft device. Called an engine immobilizer. That transmits a code to your car when the key is put in the ignition switch. The suit claims most of the cars before 2022 are defective, and thieves only need to get inside a car, pry off the ignition cover and use a screwdriver or even a USB cable to start the engine. Dubbed the Kia boys trend, videos on social platforms like TikTok show thieves, stealing the cars. The companies have not issued a recall. News. Two credit agencies are giving the city of Atlanta, a good rating on more than $400 million in debt. Alex Helmut explains. Atlanta earned a double a one from moody's investors service and a double a plus from Fitch ratings on its general obligation debt, which is usually paid back through taxes. Governments issue bonds as a way to raise money for projects. Those high ratings mean the agency stake the city is of low risk to default and can pay lower interest rates on the bonds it issues. Essentially, having to pay back less. The city says the 400 million it wants to raise as part of the moving

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