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Of Los Angeles, officials warn it could flare up again because of a blistering heat wave in California. Listening to ABC News. Stay connected. Stay informed. The camo afternoon NEWS Comeau news time. 30 to the Sunshine in downtown Seattle has 72 degrees. I'm ELISA Jaffe with brick grounds ice and here's what's happening. I'm see Romero were expecting an update from governor Insley in minutes on the state's latest response to the ongoing pandemic. This time, the governor will be joined by Dr Kathy Lo Fi with the state Department of Health and Dr Francis Rito of Evergreen Health in Kirkland. And when the governor's event begins, we will carry it for you Live. I'm Charlie Harder to coma. Police dog is dead and a murder suspect is critically injured. After a shoot out early this morning to come. Officers had tracked down a man they believe was involved in a killing in Lakewood last night. Both sides shot at each other. The police dog was killed. The suspect was last reported to be in the hospital with critical injuries. And gunfire in downtown Seattle, leaving one person hurt. We're told that happen about 1 30 this afternoon in the area of fourth and Pine. Seattle police say officers do have a suspect in custody. Investigators say the shooting might have been the result of a drug deal the injured man taken to harbor view with what does described as life threatening wounds. State health officials are changing the way they count negative cope it 19 tests, Health Secretary John Weisman says up to now, if you test it for Corona virus, twice or more, and the tests all came back negative. Health Department counted on Ly one negative test. In other words, if someone test negative multiple times we only report out there first negative test. Now all negative results will be counted. The change comes as repeat testing becomes commonplace. I'm Ryan Harris with ride share driver MINIMUM wage proposal, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin says will increase drivers pay by 30% and ensure their pay for all of their time working. Those expenses include things like gas and insurance and would be Laid on top of the proposed 16 39 and our wage, uber and lift say, to avoid being penalized by paying drivers when they're not carrying passengers. A similar law in New York City forced them to kick drivers off the app, and it drove fares up by at least 20%. Still to come on coma. Why build a bridge when you can build a living green infrastructure? I'm Corwin hate reimagining The Duwamish crossing. Come on news time. 304 And Governor Jay Ainsley has just taken a seat at the state Capitol in Olympia. And I'm goingto turn the mike on as he gets in place to begin his news briefing this afternoon. Here is the governor. Three, right? Good afternoon just returned from Woking on county had A series of great meetings with the community and health and egg business leaders and Brewster. And it was beautiful there Today. Columbia River was great people were catching fish like crazy. I had a cup of coffee and a nice park waiting for the meeting and Get a beautiful state was kind of reminded reminded of that this morning. So if these meetings I went there to listen to the community of ways that we can help get on top of the pandemic, Okanagan County We know this is a real concern. There's been a Riel outbreak in Okanogan County. It's one of the hottest spot certainly in our state. And we're very concerned about the whole state. And particularly open on county, given the numbers that they were experiencing. So I am very concerned about the health conditions there. And the ongoing responsibility of employers to care for the employees and the need for all of us. Our workers and otherwise to try to be a Team players to get on top of this pandemic. I was encouraged by some of the information I got talking to people today. I'll talk a little bit about that later. One of the things that the folks told me about. Was the need that I agree with to increase testing, and we're now sending a National Guard mobile testing unit Tokunaga. To provide increased testing. We obviously need the cooperation of people to actually get tested and importantly, When they get tested if they're positive to be able to isolate So that they don't infect their family members and other members of the community. And that means folks can't be on the job. They'll telecommute. And, of course, the agricultural industry. Most people can't do that. So The ability to support working people while they're off work. While the isolated is very important. And we talked about that this morning. Unfortunately, we have good news on that front because we have created a way to support these families. To allow them to isolate to reduce the threat of transmission to the broader community. This week, my office unveiled to funds that can help in that regard. To help people that due to their immigration status. Are not eligible for unemployment compensation or stimulus checks. The largest fund dedicates $40 million to undocumented workers. Who are impacted by covert 19 Who would otherwise be ineligible for these funds. This immigrant relief fund is going to help workers. Who are the backbone of our agricultural economy in many other parts of our body. Make sure that they do not fall behind in their expenses of their families. We know there are so many ways they're impacted. There's another $3 million we've made available through our food production paid leave program. For certain food production workers who have to stay home. While they isolate while the quarantine This fund can benefit employees in those sectors regardless of their citizenship or their immigration status. This is really important because We have heard about folks who've been Unable or unwilling to isolate, even though they're positive because they had to feed their families. So these mechanisms now we're gonna help not only their families, but the whole community. Because when people don't isolate it makes the larger community at risk. So this is something that helps Everyone in our communities to try to increase the isolation. It's effective to reduce the transmission rates. To really happy to be able to make progress in every yard. These programs are funded through the federal Cares Act dollars that have been allocated to the states. So this money originally comes from the federal government. And it's the right thing because we know covert has taken a disproportionate toll. On immigrants and communities of color serving the agricultural industry. And we know that these communities and their labours contribute far more than $40 million that were put into this fund. The nonprofit institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. Estimates that these undocumented workers contribute more than $300 million in state local taxes annually just in our state. So this is the right thing to do the smart thing to do and the healthy thing to do. For everyone in our community. The $40 million fund will be distributed later this fall. Once we have secured an entity to manage the program And we're currently accepting proposals in that regard. The $3 million fund will be run through the Department of Commerce. To ensure the businesses provide sick leave. In a reimburse forthis essentially provides That the employers will be reimbursed for the sick leave. They provide their employees, so it's a pro business activity as well. I mentioned these programs comes from cares that funding Today we have distributed more than $1 billion cares act funny toe local governments. Statewide to fight the impacts of covert. In their communities. Only now are considering the next traunch that will go to local communities and local government entities. To help with them. There's a meeting this afternoon in the upcoming days to try to take the next steps in that regard. With that said, I'm joined by Dr Kathy Lo Fi of our former health today, and Dr Francis Rito, who's a doctor of Infectious diseases. Evergreen Hospital in Kirkwood. I've asked Dr Rito to join us. Because he has treated many individuals with Kovar, 19 since.

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